Sunday, February 08, 2009

mom did you hear that?

Rob's tummy just growled really loud.
Rob: "Mom did you hear that?" (after he had see me look at him funny)
Mom: "yeah...I heard it"
Rob: "it sounds like a frog"
Mom: "it DOES sound like a frog."
Rob: "it sounds like an otter"

He plays a game on Cortney's phone where there is a sound and he has to guess what makes it. I guess there is an otter on that game and it makes the same sound as Robbies tummy.

In other boicefamily news last night Cameron and Leah came over. We have been trying to get together with them forever. They boys seriously dream of them coming to our house or ours to theirs. It was great to see them. Cam bought everyone dinner at Callie's Cafe. Which if you haven't eaten there it is one of my favorite restaurants. Total greasy spoon but with YUMMY YUMMY food. You have to try the "killer hashbrowns". I told Cameron that and he didn't get them but when ours came out his eyes got wide and he couldn't believe how good they were. Ham, sausage, bacon, green pepers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and country gravy...PILED on there. So yummy. We always order a large order and then two pancakes. Yum. It was a great night. All six of us licked our plates clean.

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Berta said...

SWEET words to this mama's ears - greasy spoon and all!