Tuesday, February 10, 2009

draper temple

On Monday we got the chance to go up and tour the Draper Temple. It was so awesome and amazing. So beautiful. Cali, Cortney and I and all six of the kids went. The kids were so reverent...they walked through the whole thing with folded arms. Cortney carried GG on his back in a child carrier. That really helped.

A family picture (plus grace...that back pack is hard to take off)...taken with Cortney's phone so it isn't great quality. This at the Church house after wards. They had cookies and waters for refreshments...awesome. The kids loved that.
Cali and I and all the kids except grace. They really were so good.

I know Cortney probably isn't supposed to take a picture in the chapel but this is Oliver a couple of weeks ago when he was the reverence child for church.

I am sick with the flu today. Yuck. I must say though....there is almost nothing better then hearing your husband feed your kids, brush their teeth and read them stories before bed. Made being sick almost worth it.

Oh...the kids went to the dentist today. NO cavities. Which is a first in our family. Yahoo.

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tiff said...

I love love love that green door.
I want Cort to do some pictures of the Provo temple for me. I loved the mt. T ones