Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On Sunday all my siblings that live around here got together for some pancakes at Jason and KaeLynn's house.  My oh my Jason's pancakes are the best I've ever had.  He makes them from a sourdough start and they are so good.  It was such a fun night.  We ate and then everyone migrated over to the couches and we talked and talked.  I love my family. 
KaeLynn, Abigail (one of the tallest babies ever), Angelique and Justin

Joey, Cali...I guess she is saying "talk to the hand", I really have no idea actually because I don't think I have heard her say that before.

Brooklyn, and Jason...the man, he stood by the pancake griddle flipping pancakes for A LONG time.  It is no easy feat to feed all of us Earls. 

Me, Lucy...My brother Mike, who is on a mission's lady friend....or friend that is a lady, and Linh.   I really like Lucy...she is adorable and fits right in.  

It was a great night and right after I headed over to the church for our New Beginnings fireside. It turned out so great.  I really love working with the Youth.   I also really really love all of the other leaders that I work with.  I have really grown to love them over the years I have worked with them.  It is crazy...we have been in this ward for 2 1/2 years.  That is a record for us.  


Myca said...

I am so jealous that all your family lives so close...that must be so nice to get together like that...sigh.

Holly said...

Hey Ashley! I found your blog on Jed and Sarah's and thought I'd check it out! Your house is looking really good and I really, really like the green door!!!