Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thank You...

I have been meaning to post about this for a couple of weeks. But it is a little overwhelming...and makes me wish that I was a writer. A writer so I could adequately relate the feelings that I am trying express. Man...even that makes my head hurt.

It is a scary time of the year to be unemployed. I love the Christmas season. I really do every minute of it. From Halloween on it just feels like a magical time of year. I was a little stressed out this year (obviously). It scares me to not be able to plan how things are going to play out. Luckily we only have a couple of kids and Cortney and I have never needed a lot of presents.

But this Christmas, I learned a lot. It is a very humbling experience to be on the receiving end at Christmas. I saw generosity from so many people...from all walks of life. I hope I always remember this holiday season that we had and try harder to be a generous person.

We had some secret Santa's....

Someone left little presents wrapped for my children on our doorstep and ran...two nights in a row. One night it was tootsie roll tubes (you know the kind that turn into banks), and the next night life saver books. My kids thought it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to us. And whoever it was RAN away so fast. I was right there when they knocked on the door.

Then the morning we left to go to Rexburg there was a present with a remote control airplane thingy left inside our car. My kids swear that an elf must have left it there himself.

How magical for a 3 year old and a 5 year old (and I think even more so for a 28 and 32 year it was just what Cortney wanted).

Anytime someone knocked on the door for the rest of the season Rob screamed "PRESENTS!!!"

There were gift cards from beloved friends, free doctor appointments, and money in envelopes from someone unknown.

It was very overwhelming...and heartwarming.

Thank you. For those anonymous things left, I wonder who you I can thank you. Do you read my blog?? I hope you know just how grateful we are. I hope you know how much you've helped us. I hope you are receiving blessings like crazy.

Thank you....


lindsay>boo said...

That's amazing. I'm so glad you have some great people around you.

Collin said...

That is a great story. I love knowing that there really are good people out there still. I think a lot of times we just don't see it. I am glad you had support of those who obviously love your family, and I am sure it was just as amazing an experience for all of them.

mumovearls said...

That is so cool! We love you guys!-n

Anonymous said...

See?!! Utah RULES!!!

- Aaron