Wednesday, January 21, 2009

golf trip

Here are some pictures I stole (sorry) from Ethan's blog of Cortney's golf trip.

Brian, Scott, Ethan, and Cort. I love that Ethan and Cortney are doing a prom pose.
All of these guys worked at the golf course together. Matt was also there just not in this picture.

I guess Cortney decided to wear funny joke clothes golfing?? At least that is what I am going with...I don't know what he was thinking.


*ethan* said...

ash i have an even better pic of him if you want me to email it to you... it was before he went hot tubbing!

Kimmy said...

I needed a good laugh. thanks cortney!

Cali said...


Angelique said...

Holy smokes..only Cortney could pull off those poses. Hilarious

Berta said...

Ash, looks like you've got some competition! Only Cort and Grandpa could pull off those poses in a respectable manner - you ARE your grandfather's grandson! I'm loving the intricate patterns of shirt and pants in the last shot - not to mention the hip-action.

Hey! I WANT TO SEE the tubbing picture too!