Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He's back

Cortney walked in the door last night around 7:30...and let me tell you...I just sighed a huge sigh of relief. When I saw him I just felt like, yeah I can do this. Let me paint the picture of what was going on before he came...

Late in the afternoon Oliver, Tyson and Jack needed some help getting past a certain level on lego starwars. Those games are my kind of games...easy, and you don't get killed. So anyways I got sucked into passing a long level. Now...there is something I have (I must have gotten it from my know what I am talking about if you have ever seen her play free cell) where I become totally engrossed in whatever video game I am playing. I can't stop or see or hear anything going on. Meanwhile...Robert and Carolina were up to no good. They took every pillow, every blanket, all of the couch cushions, tons of clothes, and toys and threw them over the stair rail. It was the biggest mess ever. Wow...I really learned my lesson...don't turn your back for 15 minutes...because those kids can cause total destruction in that amount of time. After I helped the boys...I couldn't face the mess the babies had made so I started dinner. Grilled cheese and tomato and easy.

So when Cortney came in we were just finishing dinner the house was a total wreck. I was so glad to see him. I honestly don't know how single mothers do it. is hard to take care of kids alone. Cortney had the best time too...So I am so glad he went.

Here are some pictures from when we took the kids to jump on it. I am not home so I don't have my regular computer and for some reason these aren't loading right. they look real grainy. But...they are just fun kid pictures so I am not going to worry about fixing it.
Grace getting ready to leave.  She's constantly running away from the other kids screaming.  

Grace doesn't like jump on it.  She had to held and was near tears the whole time.  But she did love the horse rides.  She wouldn't get off. 

A picture of all the kids...Cortney is jumping with Grace, then Tyson, Jack, Rob, Oli, and Carolina behind him.  
This is what I spent the night doing

Jumpin' Jack



This is as close as grace got to jumping

Ty had gone to a birthday party earlier that day...and since they are having a constant sleepover with Oli...He is pretty tired.  I had to get this picture because he had fallen asleep waiting for everyone to get their shoes on. 

CC...she has huge eyes.
I thought I should include a picture of Grace not crying.  She really hasn't been sad this time her parents are gone.  She is a little doll.


AJ said...

Good luck to you with 6 kids I think I would much rather be at work. Cali is lucky to have you so close that you can do this type of thing. It is nice to get away once in a while. Also my sister Paige started a blog. You can check it out via my blog. Take care and hang in there. Andrea

Captain Emus said...

This is Cali. You are almost done. You are rocking it! I am forever grateful for all you do. We leave at 4:30 am from Peru to start the trip will take us til midnight. YUCK. All the kids look awesome, as do you. It is surreal to be sitting in Peru and seeing my kids on your blog. Love you sister.

Minatt Bilson said...

When Matt told me Cortney ended up going I was like NO WAY! If I had been home I totally wouldn't come help you out. You are such a pro! Good job on keeping all the kids :o)

mumovearls said...

Ashley You are Amazing! I wish you were my sister and that you would watch my kids! Wow and can I just say you made history for being the best wife and being ok with Court leaving...
I swear Grace is the cutest thing ever!Ryan has always been in love with that girl!-Nena