Saturday, January 10, 2009

the awesomeness of our house

Cortney has been slowly slowly slowly residing our house. We both got really bad head colds around Christmas and are STILL trying to get over them. So he will spend a day outside working and then the next day in bed trying to get better and so on. It is getting done though even if it is slowly. I can't wait.

I love our house. It isn't some mansion or anything (exactly the opposite in fact). But it is cozy and bigger then anywhere else we have lived. The outside of the house though, is absolutely crazy. In fact when I had a home depot guy come out and give us a quote...he laughed...yes he laughed at our existing siding. When we bought the house it wasn't for the curb appeal. That is for sure.

So I have been meaning to put up pictures forever. And hopefully around next week or so we will have some finished pictures of the house. (if anyone wants to come down and help you are welcome to hahaa)

Okay....Now this is kind of embarrassing. But soon our house won't be this crappy.

This is our house right after we bought it. It was crazy overgrown with weeds and the tree branches hung so low you couldn't see the house.

Another picture of the house when we bought it.

The side of the house after we got one of the layers of siding off.

the other side (I don't know what we are going to do with the green and white chimney. Maybe paint it...any ideas????)

The front

In this picture you can see the white siding used to be a garage. The brown part is an addition.
All of the additions are pure crap. It should help a lot with our heating and air to have them re done.

This next picture is scary.....

The brown part is the kitchen addition. Seriously the boards were so rotted you could have broken into our house with your bare hands. Cortney put new plywood up on all of that part.

Here is a picture I took today you can see Cortney has started the new siding on the front of the house. I love whoever painted the house before didn't even take down the shutters they just painted around them.
I had to post this picture again so you can see how much better the trees are now. Cortney trimmed tons off.

Here you can see the new plywood up on the side. Pretty much the whole back looks about the same. New plywood.

And lastly the new siding closeup. It is going to make a huge difference.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Cool siding. I like it. Keep going.

Supercords said...

Looking good! I wish I had a fraction of the skills Cort has.

Allison said...

Holy crap! I loved seeing the renovations you did inside. I'm amazed you had the vision and tenacity to see beyond the facade when you bought it. It's looking awesome!

maria said...

Ok, you don't know me...I'm promise I am not a stalker, I am Shane VanCott's cousin. I saw a picture of the soup you made him on his blog and I MUST have the recipe!!! Shane told me to stalk you--I mean ask you for it on your blog. I hope you don't mind. It just looks too good! my email is If you ever have a minute... :)

Kimmy said...

It looks so great so far!! Seriously, Aaron needs to learn some things from him.

lysh said...

You're lucky to have such a talented husband. The house is looking great! I loved your pictures from New Year's Eve!! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

My house has your house beat!!! Well I mean my moms does!!! One day all the trees are going to crush the house!!!!
One already fell on my car last year!!!

Angelique said...

Wow! It's looking so awesome. Love the color and that Cortney has so many talents--especially coming up with gumball stories.

Cindy said...

Ashley and Cort--

It looks awesome! What a good job! I think you guys need a good old-fashioned 'barn raising' like Brian and Heather had. It would be done before you know it! (...and would be lots of fun too with the family there!) I love it when I see homes transformed. You guys are amazing with your vision.

Camille said... is so nice to see that we aren't the only ones who have been in constant fix up of our home. Ours is finally almost done. Our outside plywood looked the exact same as yours- we finally did new siding this year too. You will be so happy. It makes such a difference.

angie said...

lookin good ash. and I'm so happy that we have matching couches...i knew I picked that one for a reason. :)

ali said...

that's going to give your place a major facelift. how exciting! thanks for the binky tips. I remember reading that blog entry of yours last year. It keeps popping into my head when I think about taking the plunge.

AJ said...

Ashley & Cort, The house looks great. We wish you the very best. I love the gumball story. Cort is very creative. :o)