Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Morning

It snowed and snowed and snowed all Christmas Eve night (does that even make sense??).  We woke up to at least a foot of new snow and what do you know...we were snowed in.  It was interesting missing the whole Boice family breakfast (they all missed it mind you) but we had a wonderful cozy morning.  
Oli and Rob waiting to come up and open the presents...and dottie too of course.  

They were pretty excited to see all of the presents.  (ohh rob has CRAZY hair)

Fearing that we couldn't make it to the brunch Nicole and I hurried and put a batch of cinnamon rolls on to raise and she pulled out the egg casserole she was supposed to take up to the breakfast.  We also had homemade hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream.  Man the breakfast was so yummy.  It certainly made it feel like a perfect Christmas...especially with all of the new snow. 

Rob is OBSESSED with slinky's.  Oliver got him a 6 pack of mini slinky's at the dollar store. All he wanted for Christmas was slinky's and a gum ball machine.   I drove all over town looking for that dinky little gum ball machine.  The gum balls were honestly gone in an hour. 

Nicole recording the morning unwrapping.  They were so generous to us.  They got me a deep FAT fryer.  We fried so many things while we were there.  Nicole knows I've wanted one forever but would never buy one.  It was awesome.  They also got me some hair stuff and make up and an itunes gift card.  Wow.  I have never had so much to open.  For Cort they got him a knife and a Sportsman's warehouse gift card.  They got the kids some moonsand and a fur real pet, kung fu panda,  and a pogo ball (oh yeah a walker mower's slinky for ROB).  
Tyler opening one of his many new DVD's.  We had a blast watching all of the new movies they got. 
Just what Oliver wanted.  Ohh I love LEGOS!

These two pictures crack me up...Oliver's first present he opened from Santa was a pair of camo pants.  He wanted these camo pants soooo bad and asked for them every day.  But when he opened them he thought that was all from Santa.  So in the first picture he is saying quietly to me..."I think Santa forgot one thing...Legos".  to which I responded "don't worry there are still more presents from santa."  

Then this is the look I got...


Nicole excited about something she got from Sephora. 

The boys checking things out. 

Everything in their stockings was just perfect.

I was so excited about this gift for Oli...and you can tell he is too.  I went to a used video game store and got Lego starwars II the original trilogy.  They don't make them any more for the xbox so I was so happy when I found it.  Then only problem....arghhhh....the store put the wrong game in the box.  Great...thanks Game Crazy.  

The kung fu panda sword.  Possibly a bad choice for Robbie but it was half off and he wanted it so bad.  Cali says he can have it until someone needs stitches.  

No pictures of Cort.  So sad.  But we really did have a great great day.  We just spent the whole day snowed in so we played and watched movies and ate.  I am going to list what the boys got because my parents always listed for us and I always loved remembering.  

2 video games Shrek 2 and Lego Star Wars II (If I can find it again...until then I have to hear him cry about it almost every second of the day)
A remote control truck (this never worked so we took it back today)
Agents lego set
Camo pants
Miner small lego set

Play doh table
Marble track
Remote control car (the wheel fell off 15 minutes after we opened too went back today)
Kung fu panda sword
gum ball machine 

We also got so many great things from grandmas and grandpas.  Rob absolutely loved opening presents and that was really all he cared about.  It was a great day. 

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Supercords said...

Sweet gifts!

I got some candy cigarettes after our old Santa pinata busted open. I believe that candy was literally holed up inside Santa's belly for the past 20 years.

Hard to believe they let the cigarette companies get away with making those things back then.