Monday, January 19, 2009

lazy days

Today Cortney left to go golfing with his friends from the golf course. Now I know that some people out there might think I am crazy for letting him go (and by some people I mean me). He didn't even ask me if he could go. He told me about the trip and never brought it up again because he knew I would be too stressed out for him to go. Well the thing is I wanted him to go, I wanted him to get a chance to be with his old co workers. He couldn't believe it when I told him he should call his friends and tell them he was coming with. So he will be gone today and back tomorrow late at night.

Today...was crazy because I lounged around the whole entire day. I didn't do anything. The kids dressed themselves. And pretty much for the most part just played the day away. Oye...the house is a mess. You wouldn't believe the disaster that it is.

We were going to go to the McDonalds play place for dinner...but the kids kept whining, they wanted to go to Carl's Jr. instead. Grace, too little for the play place at Carl's that is a no go until she can really climb. As we were all cleaning up getting ready to go I thought to myself....what am I thinking??? What was I thinking? I quickly asked the kids if they would rather go and rent a movie and then have dino nuggets and cookies at home. Every single one of them ecstatically said "YES!". So now they are finishing their movie and I just had a deliceous steak with some mango couscous (yummm I love couscous...I have a boy from college named Shay to thank for introducing me to it...he made it for me during a romantic dinner for 2...I think of him every time I eat it).

Mostly I am just bored...and my hands and wrists hurt. I need a good book...I haven't read anything since thanksgiving...what??? I know.


Alisha Marlatt said...

What kind of book, I may be able to give a recommendation, I read so much now that Tom works nights!

Melissa B. said...

Ash you are so crazy! I have to admit I am re- reading Twilight books. i am almost done with # three again. I tell you I get so worked up about these silly things.

{natalie} said...

i heard cort brought a special speedo for the hot tub.

you are a good wife to say go, especially w/extra kids to care for!

i liked Loving Frank and I'm waiting for Amazon to send me My LIfe in France about Julia Child. I have some chick lit you can read if you want to stop by costco tomorrow.