Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random april phone photos

I have so much to blog about but I kept waiting for Cortney to put our Mexico trip into dropbox for me...but I don't have any space on my computer for them...so I wasn't posting at all.  I will get to that trip soon but for now here are my April phone pictures.  

 We spent a lot of April being sick.  It went from one kid to the next.   Cali and I have 10 kids so it took FOREVER to cycle through us all.  It was one of the worst stomach flu's I have ever seen.

 I spent 3 days with Henry like this.  Never leaving his side.  It was a lot of work. 

 Rob was crying and crying one Sunday.  I had just taught a lesson on blessings of the restoration.  After church Rob asked for a blessing.  He fell asleep during the blessing and didn't wake up until the next morning.  I was so grateful for the priesthood.  

 Theo is in a climbing and falling stage.   This day he fell onto an open drawer.  It is horrible.  He also crawled off the stage during yoga.  I have to watch him like a hawk (which I am not good at)

 Linh graduated from UVU!  Cali and KaeLynn and I  (with our little kids) went to support her.  My parents were there as well but sat in the front.

I absolutely hate this picture of me.  Cali says it isn't what I looked like but I wanted to include a picture of all of us.
 The next day I took my turn being sick.   I was so sick.  

Isaac and Linh had an amazing going away party/graduation party.  I got sick during it though...and never got to say goodbye.  We are missing them like crazy.  They moved across the country to South Carolina.  

So I guess that was April for us.  

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