Monday, April 08, 2013

Mexico 2

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Mexico this time.  It was a nice relaxing trip.  Our kids were so good and we didn't have any drama.  The place we rented had a main house with two identical master suites.  Cali and Joey. and Fiona shared one room with Willie in their bathroom, and we took the other room with Henry on a mat on the floor and Theo in our bathroom.  Behind the main house was a guest house with two identical rooms and two bathrooms.  ( I have pictures somewhere...ahahhh).  The big kids all stayed out there and weren't allowed to come out until 8:30.  It was great.  

 I love the ocean.

 How heavenly is this...we were always the only people out there...for miles. 

 Pretty CC

 My Happy place.  Reading with the ocean breeze.  Here I am outside the sliding door of our bedroom. 

View from my bed!

 One morning we were outside eating breakfast and we saw like six DOLPHINS!!!!! If you look closely you can see them.  I almost started crying I was so happy. 

 Our kids booked it down there for a closer look (they are standing on the sandbar)

 Theo was so sad it was so hard to get down to the beach. 

Theo was always trying to get down to the beach!

 lunch outside (NACHOS and FANTA)

 One night when the tide was out super far we ran around looking for crabs.  We found so so many.  (HEnry has been having nightmares of crabs ever since.)

 We also went digging for sand dollars and found 26 live sand dollars in one night. 

 dinner of nuggets for the kids.  (it was great this funny table fit all 10 kids)

 Little WIllie Mays in Paradise. 

 Me and Willie because he isn't in hardly any pictures.

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Kristy said...

Greatest vacation ever. That place looks amazing.