Sunday, April 07, 2013


We haven't had a computer here at the house for about a year now.  That is the main reason that my blog isn't updated very often.  However....Cortney just had to get a new faster computer for work and he brought his other computer home.  NowI will be able to post more....and there are a lot of pictures on Cortney's computer that I have never seen.  

So these are some of the pictures from our AMAZING trip to Rocky Point Mexico back in April. I am still missing tons but I figure I better still get these up there before I forget for even longer. 

The house we rented was right on the had a sand bar right in front too.  So everyday as the tide would come in and out there would be a shallow spot where the kids could play.  They loved it. 

 Here you can see me and Gigi and Carolina out on the sandbar.  

Gigi and CC

 All the kids and Joey out there.  We would have to carry the little ones out there because it would be over their head everywhere else. 

 As the tide would continue to go out the sandbar would become a little island. 

 Ty skipping rocks. 

 Handsome Oli. 

 Cali and I would sit for hours in this little tent.  HEAVEN on Earth I tell you.  I love this beach. 

 Theo is awesome.  A couple of weeks ago he had his front tooth pulled...these pictures really made me miss his tooth. 


 I spent a lot of time reading.  Plus look at these amazing ceilings. 

 Long days at the beach makes for tired babies. 

 I love how if you look hard you can see me. 

 Both dads spent a lot of time doing this.  Luckily the place had great internet so they could work. 

 the 3 Musketeers. 

 Henry was ticked when I showed him this.  So mad. 

 Look at this amazing place to eat dinner.  THe house we stayed at was SOOO beautiful, but not fancy which was perfect for us.  The outdoors was perfect. 

 Sunset on the beach (the tide comes in and out twice a day...and it is a very dramatic tide)


Supercords said...

Loved both of these posts. Fond memories of Rocky Point. Was it just your two families this time?


{natalie} said...

this look so, so fun. ethan's aunt has a house in rocky point, this makes me want to go visit.

the house you were in is amazing!