Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mexico house....last post

I know I have more pictures somewhere....but I need to move on from this trip!  Plus how many pictures do I need right?? 

We rented the house we stayed in on didn't start looking at places until a couple of days before we left so I just emailed like 12 properties asking if they would accept our price and if they would allow 4 adults and 10 kids.  Most people were quite shocked by the amount of kids we had.  We knew we would be just fine with 4 bedrooms.  2 for each family because when we went the time before we each had our whole family in 1 bedroom.  The first people I heard back from were the owners of the place we stayed.  They weren't sure they wanted that many kids...hahaa.  I told them we would make sure our kids didn't ruin the place and they said we could come.  They then asked if we were LDS...because they were.  Hahaa.  They knew we almost had to be with that many kids.  hahaa.  They live full time in Mexico and have a house at the back of the property.  I was worried about how that would be but our kids were so good and the Libby's were so nice...and we hardly saw them.  We got a great deal on the place too.  It was the funnest time. 

It is a 4 hour drive from Phoenix to Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco...we took some pads down for henry and Fiona to sleep on so we were pretty packed full.  

 I love how Theo is freaking out in this picture.  
He is at a hard age for road trips.  (my kids are rock star travelers)

 I drove the first 3 hours until we got to Mexico.  It's 3 hours in the USA and then you cross the border in Lukeville.  Which is just a crossing town nothing really there.  It is a totally easy border crossing and you don't have to get special stuff to take your car in...I think they call it an open border.  Kids just have to have their birth certificates, Adults need passports but Cali's was expired and they let her cross no problem.  We get Mexican auto insurance and I think its like 50 dollars for 4 days.  
Cortney was the only one insured to drive in Mexico so he took over as we crossed.  Both of our vans got the green light at the border and then it is a 60 mile drive to the beach house we rented. 

The whole drive is through a barren dessert.  Not scary at all. Emig's van in front of ours. 

The house. 

The Owners live in this back house next to our cars. 

Here is the annex where the kids stayed.  It was awesome. 

 Tyson, Jack, Carolina and Grace stayed in this room. 

 Emig kids bathroom.  The kids would all shower a bunch each day. 

The Boice kids bathroom.  

Cali and I both had babies in our bathrooms so we would just walk out back and use the kids most of the time. 

Oli and Rob stayed in this room.  

There is a door in between both bedrooms and then they both have an exterior door. 

WE wouldn't let them open the door in between the rooms until 8.  haha. 

The blue building is the owners home. 

Cali and Joey's room.  The couch is a hide a bed...Fiona slept there.   We didn't get a picture of our bathrooms but they were very similar to the kids.  

Cortney took these picture right when we got there so we were unloading it wasn't this messy usually. 

Our room.  Identical to Cali and Joey's. 

The living area and kitchen.  We picked up all our food at Costco in Phoenix.  Which was so nice.  There is a walmart owned store here and a Sam's club...but it is just easier to get most of the food in the USA.  We did get soda, cheese, tortillas, and that kind of stuff in Mexico. (just because we like the mexican kinds)

We got there around noon and the kids wasted no time getting in to the ocean. 

Theo Loved loved it. 

Okay I think that is all for mexico.  

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