Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year for Halloween, I wasn't doing a lot of preparation.  I had a ton of costumes already and decided to go for a low key holiday.

Tuesday was the ward Halloween party.  They went all out and it was a lot of fun.  It is strange being in a new ward and having to put ourselves out there...but we really like this ward, and they do a great job of making us feel welcome.  We had soups and then carnival games.  The kids had a blast and each came home with tons of prizes.

Cortney and I were ending our fast for Marion so everything tasted great to us.  Marion's surgery went really well!  Which was a huge relief for us too.

Our family at the carnival...the girl that took the picture accidentally cut off Theo...haha.  
Cortney and I had some last minute costumes.  Pirate and Santa.  

Then EARLY this morning Henry came into our bedroom and told me he had a stomach ache.  (I had never heard him be able to specifically say what was actually hurt him...that was a first).  He was rolling around and I took him to the bathroom a couple of times.  Around 8:30 he threw up.  Accckkkk.  I couldn't believe it.  This holiday was made for Henry.  He loves LOVES candy...and he was sick.  We got dressed and ready anyways because I couldn't not go to the parade.  My kids would have been devastated.  Cali called me on our way out the door.  Fiona had thrown up too!!!  Yuck. 

Even though they had both BARFED in that hour they still look pretty cute.  
Peter Pan and Tink. 

I have a cute Cowboy costume for Theo but i didn't think a little boy should have to dress up in something so uncomfy first thing in the morning....  
So Theo went as Piglet.  This picture makes my heart stop.  I love this guy!

I spent the rest of the day doing puke laundry and sitting by both my little guys.  Being sick is so hard.  
I was in charge of Rob's party but luckily I got enough mom's signed up to help so I didn't have to go in.  That would have been stressful (Cali helped with a game for the 6th grade kids).

Then in the evening Cortney and Joey took the littles out trick-or-treating...Henry just did our street.  

What a cute cowboy right?!

 Haha I love this picture of my hectic life.  

 Wrangler butts drive me nuts. 

Rob wanted to be a Tae Kwan Do dude.  Surprise, surprise.  

 The boy does have some skillzzz. his ninjago Cole ZX costume.  

 Cali made it (while she was fasting....) and it was a lot of work. 
Jack had in his mind EXACTLY what he wanted and wouldn't settle for anything less.  Stressful. 

 Best buds. 

 Zombie take two.  When in doubt, be a dead person.  

It is really hard to come up with cool costumes for 3rd grade boys. 

 Here is poor sick dude.  He really wanted to get dressed and go out.  He went down the street and then was "too tired".  

 Cute little peter shoes. 
Molly gave me this costume probably 7 years ago....I have just been waiting for someone to want to wear it.  (also she gave me the cowboy costume)

 LOVE this boy. 

 henry went in their house and I had to go get him.  he loves to sneak over to the neighbors. 


Cali's kids didn't get here in time to get photographed.  Boohhooo.  It was a great night I sat at home with the sick boy, and baby...and I passed out all my candy.

I am so glad it's over.

Now I just have to get through all of my kids being sick.  I know it is coming!


Samantha said...

I love ALL the pics of theo and Henry!! So cute! And that picture of Rob KICKING is AWESOME. I don't want to leave out Oliver too- when did those boys get so old? Handsome dead guy.

Kim said...

For a low key Halloween, you came up with some awesome costumes. I'm impressed. Your boys are so cute and so fun!

Angie said...

I agree with Kim, you mentionned a "low key halloween" and then your kids all looked sooooo awesome! I love seeing what everyone does for halloween, and you guys looked like you had so much fun!

{natalie} said...

ash, i love your family. your boys are all so adorable. i may steal henry.

i'm praying for your niece.