Sunday, November 04, 2012


I have been really thinking all week about gratitude.

Last year on November 1st I first found out that Theo was going to be born with complications.  As I went through Halloween, and the day after, I thought constantly about my feelings on that day so long ago.

It is strange at this time that Marion's tumor was found at almost the exact same time as Theo's brain problems were found.  I have felt very similar feelings of fear, stress, sadness, hope, faith, love and worrying that I felt last year.  Honestly I am so grateful for Theo's miracle...and the reminder it is for me that Marion can have a miracle too.  I find myself turning to the same conference talks and scriptures as I did a year ago for comfort.  It has certainly been a strange feeling.

Even though Theo's brain appeared normal on the post birth ultrasound...his doctor has been extra concerned about Theo hitting his developmental milestones. He has been a little slow.  He just started sitting up September 24th right around his 10 month birthday. Since then he has just EXPLODED with new developments.  In the last 2 weeks he has started sitting up on his own from a crawling position.  (amazing)  He has also started pulling himself up on the couch and taking a couple of steps along the couch.  Then this week he started trying to climb up the stairs.  I cant believe the change in him.  He really truly a miracle baby.

As this month of Thanksgiving has been passing by I can't help but stare at Theo everyday and be so thankful for him.  Everyday I have been holding him close and watching in amazement as he progresses more and more everyday.

I want to teach my children to be thankful for things.  I really do.  Hopefully November in our house will be centered around all of our many blessings in life....and I want to post  about some of the many blessings we enjoy...  we will see how it goes sometimes my intentions are good but little comes from them.

Tonight I sit with my baby Rob next to me.  He has thrown up many times.  When he was a baby he would say "im bout to baaaarrrf"  all the time.  Every single day, multiple times.  He has only thrown up one or two times in his life though.  Today has been a really hard one for him.  He really wants to go to the emergency room. Poor baby.

I am really grateful that he is old enough to make it to the bathroom.

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Christensen's said...

I miss your family so much! I need to come visit. Cort makes a great he up for hire? :)