Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Oliver has started flag football. It is so much fun to watch.  He and Jack are on the same team...along with three kids from our ward.  I love having neighbors on the team with him. 
 I am paying Oliver 50 cents for every flag and every touchdown. 

 Oliver and Joey (my neighbor...his mom was from Moses)


 Ohhh Hens.

I love this sequence here...

Carolina and Grace see something and start running...

 It's Rob!!!!!!

 Awwwwww.  So cute. 

 I love that Theo is looking at Cort but Cali and I aren't (once again me with no make up and my hair not done....)

 I love that there is a girl on the team.

 Cali and I talking. 

 Theo kept crawling off my lap to get stuff from Cali. She had a cup of ice and he was going crazy for it. 

 Joey listening to baseball.


Hansens said...

Being a football mom is a whole new world. No make up is how most football moms look. No time for that ;-) Jake started out playing flag and quickly begged and pleaded to play tackle. He has played tackle for 4 years now and LOVES it. He is the center and nose guard. He's definitely not a runner...LOL! You've seen Jake, he's built to play on the line ;-)

Looks like he is having fun and it's good for them as well. Have fun!

Samantha said...

I love this post. I wish I could be sitting there with you guys. And I love the sequence pictures of the girls running to hug rob!! And maybe Kate will be on a team one year with Owen! Haha. Or Josi more likely. She's a tackler. Love this whole post.