Tuesday, October 09, 2012


We have been trying to go camping for approximately 3 years. Somehow we never made it out.  It is just so hard with little ones.  Seriously hard. 

We finally just decided to go.  My cousins had told us about an awesome spot up Spanish Fork Canyon.  It was perfect...and there were no other people camping when we got there.  There were bathrooms, it was close and there was a playground and a reservoir.  It was awesome. The funniest part was my cousins Angie and Kim were up there to roast hot dogs with their families.  We were the only two groups up there really. I loved seeing them.  

I don't have any pictures but all the boys swam in the freezing cold reservoir. Henry accidently jumped in and the water went over his head.  He was ticked.  While I was up talking to my cousins....I heard Rob screaming down by the reservoir that Henry had pooped in the sand.  Ughhh.  I was glad Cortney was the one down there and I could pretend that I didn't know who they were.  hahaa. 

After swimming the boys got washed off and dressed and we started up the fire. We roasted hot dogs and s'mores.

The boys doing a little bugeling before bed time.  

The night time was pretty rough.  Theo had a porta crib with a blanket over the top, he slept great.  Henry however kept waking up and crying.  Cortney took him into the van for a while because another group had come up and we didn't want him waking them up. We had originally planned on staying two nights but Cortney and I decided there, that there was no way. 

Cortney fixing the fire the next morning. 

Spanish Fork Canyon was insanely colorful.  I think it was the most brilliant I have ever seen the leaves.  It was pretty amazing. 

Waking up.  We just took a ton of blankets and sleeping bags.  The tent was a mess. 

what a mess. 

There is scrub oak everywhere with acorns. 

The boys did a little bb-gun shooting. 

we had some doughnuts  and hot cocoa for breakfast. 

Cortney had us take some quick family pictures before we left.  Oliver told me I wouldn't regret it. hahaa. 


The kids fished a little before we packed up and left.  EVERYONE caught fish...except me. I actually tried too...for a long time. 

I love this picture, Henry reeled this fish in all alone...and Theo is asleep on Cortney's back. 

Camping is so much work.  Soooo much laundry.  We had a great time though and I was really glad we got some much needed family time. (my kids had been fighting so much before this and I thought it would help to get them out in the wilderness together)
Now we get to wait another 3 years before we go again! haha. 


Angie said...

It was so awesome seeing you guys there! Q still talks about touching the fish that Cort caught.

Ike and Linh Earl said...

Surprisingly camping is fun!! haha! Thanks for the suggestion we totally had a great time there!! I love that in one pic you have your leg and arm out of your blanket and theo is in a diaper because we thought it was so cold we were wrapped in our blankets!!