Friday, October 19, 2012

3 Years

Our twin cousins Henry and Fiona turned 3 on Friday and Saturday.  My parents were in town so we decided to have the whole family over for some intense family time.  

The party was on Saturday but Cali traded BYU tickets the week before so she could take me to the Oregon game.  It was awesome because with my pregnancy last year I haven't been to one game in the past two seasons.  I LOVE BYU football.  Cortney was supposed to babysit for me but he got tickets with his buddy Sam (the tickets are right in front of where Cali sits...they all bought them together) Cortney and I got to sit by each other.  It was a great day.  

Brooklyn (my niece) babysat...and it felt really nice to have my kids with someone I trusted.  I hate getting babysitters and I never do.  I don't know why.  I know my kids are hard and i don't want to subject someone to that.  Tyson watches my kids but that is about it.  Anyways Brooklyn and Zac came over and all my kids were in heaven.  They had the best day.  

The game was great GORGEOUS....perfect weather...I had a hand dipped Costco hotdog corndog outside of the stadium.  It was so much fun...and then we lost. BOO.  I was really grateful for the chance to go.  Cali and I love going to games together.  

Right after the game we hurried home and had a party for these two.  Usually we do a whole photo shoot with matching outfits and lots of time...but it was almost dark.  We went out and shot a couple of gems.  Of course we had to do this traditional horsey ride photo....

The first year we did the Horsey ride picture Henry was not a fan...the second year Fiona was terrified and henry was bucking her like a wild stallion....this year they both loved it and were so good.  I can't wait to see them in this pose on their 16th birthdays...and their 40th.  haha

impossible to get them to look at the camera at the same time. 


 For a little switch up we had henry ride fiona. 

adorable right??

Kisses.  Henry wasn't going for this at all.  Poor Fiona.

We tried to get some solo pictures but he wouldn't do it.,..and I was hungry. 

Bones...she loves the camera. 

what a cutie. 

It was a blackout game so we are in all black.  Sisters.  Cali and I kept talking about what we were going through that day 3 years ago.  Cali was throwing up and feeling super sick...I was feeling very very lonely (I feel very alone in the hospital sometimes HORMONES).  I loved being there together but when she checked out and I had to eat alone I was very sad. 
the cake.

It was also my Dad's birthday and Jason's birthday.  We sang to all four of them.  

 (of course Rob is in his Taekwando  outfit...but that is another post)

Dad is telling them how they were going to blow out the candles.  

Mike and Allie showed up!  yay!  Also my aunt and uncle pat and Lori and their beautiful family came. (my uncle was on the BYU football team in 1984 when they were national champs...he came to stand on the field in the homecoming tribute.)

Opening a present from grandma Berta and Grandpa Bob. 

Grandma Aha got him some super Hero action figures which he loved!!  THanks Aha!

It was PURE CHAOS...while we were opening presents. SO many kids. 

It has been a great three years.  Fiona and Henry love each sure has been interesting having two exactly the same age.  

A little about Henry...

He loves loves Toy Story.  We watch it every day.  He likes all 3 of them.  He also loves to watch Cinderella right now.  (he can't understand why Fiona got all the princess stuff and he didn't) He is also really into peter pan. 

He is such a good boy and I am OBSESSED with him.  I have been from the moment he was born.  He has the best personality.  He is getting better at talking all the time. 

When you ask him how old he is every time...every single time he says "good"....then he will pause and show you how old he is.  

He says "you better...."  As in "Mom you better change my diaper" "mom you better wash my hands", "mom you better turn on the tv"

He always comes in my room and says "mom you wake up now?" (if I am reading or on my ipad...or napping...)

He still eats NOTHING.  He actually TRIES nothing.  I can't get him to try anything.  I have tried forcing him but it doesn't work.  Sometimes I can get him to smell something and he will try it.  The only dinner he eats with the family is spaghetti.  He has never even tried pancakes, or anything like that, he wont try pie or mash potatoes or anything really.  He eats TOAST, dry cereal, cheese, lunch meat, some fruits, Nuggets, corn dogs,  hot dogs, Treats, yogurt and applesauce.  That is about all.  It drives me NUTS...but I don't fight him about it  It isn't worth fighting 3 times a day.  

He still is napping but he and I are undergoing major battles with this.  I have been working on training him better and he is slowly getting better.  Before I was having to lay down by him.  Which is nice and fine when I have the time but CRIPPLING when I don't.  Just tonight I heard him crying in his room saying "mom you aren't my best friend anymore!"

He is a big boy and he loves his "brothers" as he calls in "where's the brothers?".  He is so good with Theo and I can tell they are going to be great friends. 

THe other day he and I were sitting on the couch and he looked over at me and said "mom, you are cute."   What a good boy.  I don't know what I would do without him.  He is perfect for our family!


Ike and Linh Earl said...

Love it! I can't believe its been 3 years already!! I seriously hope they continue that same pose of Fi riding on Hens every year!! :)

{natalie} said...

This is such a great post. That Henry is so adorable. He is going to be a heartbreaker.

Angie said...

Cute cousins!!

I love that picture of your dad telling them how they are going to blow out the candles. so doug!!