Sunday, October 07, 2012


I was going through Oliver's stuff from the end of the school year (it's about think?), and I found a journal entry that Oliver wrote about me.  I had to include it on here as it happens to be one of the best descriptions of me I have ever read.  All the time people ask you to write about yourself or say something about yourself and I never know what to say.  From now on this is my go to answer.

My mom likes to sleep. 
My mom likes to have fun.
My mom likes to take me to school. 
My mom likes to eat chocolate chip cookies,
My mom likes to go to church. 
My mom likes to go on trips.
My mom likes to visit her sister. 
My mom likes turtles. 
My mom likes to take care of my little brother. 
My mom likes to read. 
My mom likes roller coasters. 
My mom likes to go to disneyland. 
My mom likes hot chocolate.

I love this entry and will always treasure what he wrote about me.  I am glad he knows so much about me.

I also wanted to include his journal entry from the day after we found out that Theo was having problems.

November 2, 2011

Good news and really bad news.  My mom is having a baby.  Bad news is it has problems. When I got home from school my mom was crying I asked what is that matter she said the baby has problems!

When I heard that I felt weird and sad.  One side of the baby's head was bigger than the other side and one side of his stomach was bigger then the other.  The doctor said he can be all right.  

What a sweet sweet boy he is.  I love him so much and don't know what our family would do without him.

He had a really great football game on Saturday.  He scored two touchdowns and had two awesome tackles.  I always feel like he struggles with confidence...and being a perfectionist.  He hates to not be good at stuff...I always know he can do things...but when he decides that he can do it, it makes all the difference. He is so fun to watch.

Oliver is at a stage right now where he likes to make crazy faces in pictures.  
He is so much like his daddy sometimes.  

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