Sunday, September 02, 2012

More family reunion

I know all my cousins will be posting these same pictures.  But...both times I didn't blog about the Earl Girl reunion so it is like it didn't even happen.  So here goes.

Friday morning bright and early we had an Earl 5K.  Hmmmm.  I wasn't too happy about a 5K when they first announced it.  Most of us Earls like to sit around and eat...not run....but there are a few of us and I guess most in-laws that actually like running.  The Doug Earl family though we are PARTICIPATORS...we were there before they were even ready to start.  My mom stayed behind and watched like 12 babies.  Poor lady.  I would rather run a 5K than stay behind with all the babies.  Along with all the Doug Earl kids (including 2 sisters that are pregnant)...Dougie, Henry, Robbie, Oli, Tyson, Jack, Carolina, Grace, Kate, Owen and Josi, Zac, and Brooklyn (I think that is it) also ran it.  Zac came in 4th overall!!! Henry just wouldn't stay with my mom at all so he came with me and ran about 20 feet before he was crying for water.  My dad took him and put him on his shoulders and we pretty much were the slowest ones there.  At about a mile in Robbie was crying that he couldn't go any further.  He kept getting further and further behind I finally went back to get him.  He was crying and ready to give up.  I put him on my shoulders (yes SHOULDERS) and he and I slowly walked...we decided not to give up and to always keep trying.  Holy smokes he is heavy.  Every car that drove by couldn't help but stare.  We walked to about the half way point when Samantha came and picked him up.  I was so happy to see her.  She took Henry and Rob and dad and I continued on.  When it came time to cross the finish line Robbie came back up to me and ran through the line.  We were the last ones to come in (me, dad, Cali, Joey and Gracie.)...But we were all carrying little ones.
Cortney came in behind Aaron, Alisha, John Wayne and Zac.  (I still think carrying Rob as far as I did was harder than running it fast).

When we got back we had yummy breakfast burritos and my grandmas to die for cinnamon rolls.  Yum.

We spent the rest of the day boating, jumping, slip n' sliding and eating (sloppy Joes for lunch...yum).

I don't have any pictures of the race but here we are eating afterwards.  haha. 

Oh my.  There is no words for how yummy these are.  My Grandma Earl is one talented lady. 

David got out a HUGE slip in slide for all the kids.  They had the BEST time and were doing it for a long time.  Henry surprised me so much and loved it with all his heart.  He ran up and down that hill more than any other kid.  It was amazing. 

PICTURE OVERLOAD...there are just too many cute ones. 

Tayden, Rhode, Owen
Boston, Marley. 
Oli and grace running (I THINK)

Here Kyle is getting ready to throw Josie down...

I love this one of Owen, Gracie, and Boston. 

 Dougie didn't want to go down so Justin took him.  He still wasn't sold.  (the things we do as parents!)

The thing was huge. 


(um...look at those cute buns on Henry)

Jack and Oli. 

Q, Carolina, Kate 


Seriously how fun does this look???


The boys boating.  They loved swimming in the lake and we went out to the sand dunes and they swam around like crazy.  I loved it. 

What is a family reunion without a group picture??
Look at that HUGE group.  I love us. 

The Doug Earl Family (we are the biggest...) we were missing Isaac and Linh and Jason.  :(

The Tami Earl-Bates Fam (I guess they are the cools ones.)

Tom Earl Family

Jeff's Family

David's Family

Pat's Family

 Grandma with her Great Grand kids (I think we were missing 4???) 

The cousins.  In order by age.  (I think just missing Jason, Ryan, Mitch, Isaac, and Kelsey??) 
Yeah we are cool.  Grandkids with our Grandma

Grandma and her boys. 


Pork Carnitas for dinner and then CUPCAKE Wars. 

My cupcakes.  Lemon cupcakes with a blackberry lemon curd filling (I won 1st place out of the lemon cupcakes...there were a ton...but I didn't even really like them...ahahaa)

Side story **  When I was making the cupcakes I was getting pretty frustrated.  I screamed "I am done! Throw these away. I am not making an entry in the competition."  (yeah I was throwing a pretty big tantrum).  Rob said from the background..."mom!  What did you tell me when we were running the race??  You told me to never give up!  You have to keep going!"  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  What a good boy.  

I told him when I won my prize "Rob thanks for not letting me give up."  to which he responded "Mom, you have no one to thank but yourself."  

Winners!  (Justin got best overall!)

We sat around and played awkward family photos.  It was funny. 

Kacey put a lot of the stuff together.  She did an amazing job. 

PHEEEWWWW that is all I can do tonight.  


Kacey Nielsen said...

Yay for pictures! I am so glad someone took some... :) Can't wait for the rest!

{natalie} said...

that slip and slide is amazing. it looks like so much fun.

i love that you wrote down what rob said about quitting and thanking yourself. so funny.

looks like such a fun time.

gramyflys said...

What an amazing family you have! It truly looks like it was so much fun!