Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Reunion-Thursday

Man, I have so many pictures.  I am only using like a 10th of them though...But I couldn't leave any of these out...

Wednesday we went swimming and then spent the evening outside...waiting for the rest of our family to arrive. 
 Nones.  Showing her white tummy off. 

 Josie showing off a little attitude. 

 Owen Jumping. 


 Carolina and Kate.  I love CC's face in this.  Yup that is her mamas daughter. 



More lounging. 
(gotta love her TWO binkies)

 My dad.  With a tootsie roll pop.  He has had and loved these my whole life.  

I love him.  Totally. 


Cortney went over to visit Merle.  They worked on a bowl together.  Those two love each other.  I love that I get to see them when I am in town...and they had almost all their kids home so I got to see them.  I LOVE THEM. 

The master at work. 

Wednesday we went to Grandma's for scones.  She is amazing and makes amazing food.  I would love to be like her someday. (I know I have a lot of work to do if I want that to happen)

 The big boys were hardly in any pictures.  They were somewhere playing hard...the entire time. 

Look at all of those HOMEMADE jams that my grandma has.  Last time I was there she was making apricot jam.  This time she was making blackberry. YUM. 

Another Master at work. 

My grandma's sister Norma was visiting.  I loved sitting and talking to her.  She said I reminded her exactly of her friend Trixie.  haha.  I said "your friend Trixie must be hilarious and beautiful" hahaa. 

Peggy's fam stopped by for some food. 

Wednesday night Justin and Fam, and KaeLynn and kids showed up.  I was so happy to see them.  

Thursday morning it was more of the same.  More swimming and eating. 

Rob doing the pencil. 


Rob was really interested in the way the swimmers in the olympics swim.  He was doing the butterfly (with no arms) non stop.  He really is turning into quite the fish.  (and he one his age group swim race)

My mom with Theo (and a silly oriels hat)


Fiona and Henry spent their time fighting over either the stairs or a ball. 

Carolina. (she is really learning to be brave in water...which she has never been able to do before)


 I loved seeing all these kids in there.  

I think my grandma got this pool in 1965? I love this picture. 





Kate and Abby 
(I love laying on the cement when I am smell in the world)

I love this many people can we fit under this umbrella???
Tom and Gail's crew were staying at Grandma's so we got EXTRA time with them.  

Joey and Collin.  I love Collin. He is awesome. 

Thursday night we got 2 babysitters at my parents and we went to the temple.  A lot of my cousins and aunts and uncles were there plus of course my grandma and parents.  We filled the whole session.  It was horrible getting babysitters but what a payoff.  I love LOVE seeing my family dressed in white.  What an extraordinary experience.  

Afterwards we went with Sam and Kyle, and Justin and Angelique (along with other family at other tables) to Bonefish.  We got DELICIOUS food.  It was a great evening.  


Nick, Chris, Livvy, Calli and Keira said...

Okay....I know I haven't talked to you in what, forever, but I saw your parents a while back. I just looked at all your pics and it made me so sad. It brought back so many memories and made me wish mom and dad hadn't sold the M.L. house. I am so jealous. You all look great!! Thanks for the pictures. It was fun to reminisce.

Angelique said...

I love all these pictures. The ones of your dad are awesome. I love going to Moses Lake.

Ike and Linh Earl said...

I am loving all the updates! Even though I can't swim, it looks so fun!! haha!

Earl Family said...

Those pictures are absolutely priceless Ash. Good job!