Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have a ton of pictures to catch up on.  Just random ones.

Here we have a fall afternoon of family trampoline time.  Cortney jumps with the kids all the time but I hardly do.  Too many years of bad neck and joints combined with all the abuse my body has been through having 4 kids.  I always forget how fun it is.  I would be in such good shape if I jumped as much as my kids did.  (well I would at least be in better shape than I am now.)

Don't mind the annoying net.  I think these are hilarious.

Trying to bounce the kids.  Cortney can bounce them so high but it is really hard. 

 I can't believe I can still walk after this pose.  Oliver did not want me to hurt myself....and was very concerned. 

Rob showing us how flexible he is.  

Family toe touches.   (I had to do the forward splits or we were going to kick each other) Gotta love henry's toe touch.  That is one of his main trampoline tricks.  He isn't quite as flexible as Rob. 

Bum war
(not to be confused with it's vulgar cousin butt war...ick)

It amazes me how high they get. 

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