Thursday, September 13, 2012

The first day of school

School started back in August.  This year we were starting at a new school.  One of the reasons we uprooted our whole lives and moved was for this very day.  We really wanted our kids to go to a new school.  We also thought it would be awesome for them to go to school with their cousins just like we got to when we were little.  Honestly I was a nervous wreck.  I really was so scared for my kids, scared that they had to be the "new kids".   I was scared to be the new mom....that the secretaries, teachers, and other parents don't know.  I hate change.  We were all pretty nervous this morning.  Cortney stopped by from his hunting to give the kids a little blessing before their big day. 

 Oliver.  3rd grade.  Mrs. Wheeler

 LOVE this one of both my boys. 

 Robert 1st grade Mrs. Johnson

 They are OBSESSED with these bright socks.  I finally had to shut them down and tell Rob he can only wear them 3 times a week.  

 Cali came with her kids so they could all walk together. 
They really are the best of friends.

 I love these pictures.  So many kids walking to school.  This is why we moved. 

Henry was ticked when they left. 

I didn't walk the kids over to the school because Theo was still sleeping.  But they knew where their classes were.  I thought they would be fine.  I was praying they could be okay.  Literally.   About 10 minutes after they left Cali decided to go back to the school to give Tyson a water bottle (he was suffering from a pretty bad concussion).  As she drove to the school she saw Rob wandering around the neighborhood in between my house and the school.  She pulled over and got him and he told her he was lost, and didn't know where his class was.  What an answer to my prayers for her to see him walking alone.  She took him to class (it was already started)...she explained to his teacher that he was lost and that it was his first day at this school.  The teacher gave him a huge hug and she said he instantly looked happier.  

So far having our kids in the same school has been amazing.  They are signed up in 4-H together.  Daily they see each other and Ty will hug Rob in the hall or Oli will say hi to Grace.  None of our kids are in the same grade but we have kids in kinder, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th.  Yesterday I was at the school helping Rob with something and as I walked through the halls i saw Ty, and Jack.  Then I saw Carolina come in from recess.  She was crying.  I kneeled down in the hall and hugged her.  I think she really need a mom right then...there I was.  I felt so grateful to have been right then in that place when she needed someone. 

The kids have been doing great so far in their classes.  Rob's teacher is AWESOME.   She is perfect for him.  He has had to sit at a desk by himself for a couple weeks.  He just got moved back with the class...but he has a hard time concentrating and not talking when he is sitting by friends (and everyone is a friend...)  sounds familiar.  haha.  I am going to be the room mom for his class.  Which worries me a little bit...but I guess I can do it.  He jump ropes by himself every recess.  He loves to jump rope.  We struggle a little with what he is supposed to we have started picking out all five days on sunday and then we don't deviate from the plan.  

Oliver's teacher is Mrs. Wheeler.  It is her first year teaching but she is older (has a missionary out).  So far she has been good.  Oliver said she is strict.  haha.  He is starting to make friends...and plays football with some of Ty's friends at recess sometimes.  He just started flag football with Jack and has a couple of friends from the ward on his team.  He is a good boy.  He is hating homework, but I think that is par for the course.  

There you have it the first day of school.  

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Peggy Dee said...

That is too adorable - all those kids going to school together. How fun! Lucky school to have so many Earls!