Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Theodore 9 months (one month late)

Back on the second day of school Theo turned 9 months.  As we all know Cortney was no where to be found so these cell phone pictures will have to do.  

 Theo...exactly 9 months

 Sometimes he likes to wake up after everyone has gone to sleep and watch the kardashians with his mommy. 

 Henry took this hilarious picture of me and the doctor looking at his 9 month appointment.  Henry cried because he wasn't getting shots.  He wanted shots too. 

Theo's stats (my favorite part)

weight 17.53 lbs     14.27 percentile
length 27.5 inches  15.21 percentile
Head 17.5 inches    31.94 percentile

I can't believe how big he has gotten....although he is SOooo small compared to my other 9 month old babies.  I don't think they have ever been under the 60-70th percentile.  

Theo is army crawling around everywhere.  He is fast too.  I have to vacuum everyday because he puts any little tiny thing in his mouth.  It is terrifying.  He still isn't sitting up...the doctor thought that was weird but wasn't too worried about it.  We are working on it but if I try to sit him up he just lunges forward and crawls away.  It is hard when they learn things out of order because why sit when he can crawl.  He has an appointment in a couple of weeks to check on his progress (the doctor wanted to see him in 6 weeks).  The appointment is also to check on his head.  The doctor thinks he might need a helmet.  Another thing I was concerned about is Theo flicks things with his fingers.  He flicks every surface around.  He loves to crawl to someone and flick their foot or flick the wall or the phone or his face or my face.  It is strange.  I was afraid it would be a sign he had autism or something.  The doctor said he might just be an odd duck. hahaa.  I have a video of him flicking his bottle...but it is on cort's phone I will load it up sometime.  

Theo also loves loves to eat.  It is so awesome after Henry...henry never eats anything. I wrote on Henry's 9 month checkup that he would only eat sweet potatoes.  It is funny that Henry was picky even when he was little.  Theo will crawl anywhere to find food.  We had a dozen donuts in a box when we were at the park and he crawled over to them and just dug in.  It was a mess.  I love that he loves food.  

He is the smiliest baby ever.  He smiles and sticks his tongue out all day long.  On Sunday the 16th of September his third tooth finally broke through.  He is now so close to having the 4th come through.  So then he will have his front two, top and bottom.  He is such a joy to be around and he rarely cries. (only when he is tired)

**update...I just checked his mouth and tooth number 4 broke through over night!

He is still sleeping lots.  He will take a huge 3 hour nap and during the day and a couple 1 hour naps too.  He never wants to go to sleep though at night because I will put him down at 7 but he thinks it is a nap.  He will wake up at 9 and then crawl around for an hour before going back to bed at 10.  He sleeps through the night so well waking up for a bottle usually at 9 but sometime he will go until 11.  

He is a joy in our lives. 

The neighbor kids love to come over and hold him.  (there aren't a lot of babies around here as most of the families are older)  He loves it. 

I had to include this picture of Henry.  We were visiting my friend Sarah and Henry would not stop chasing the chickens.  Soon enough though he had caught one.  It was amazing.  Chickens are not easy to hold or catch.  He had gotten his pants wet on the slide so he had no pants (that is so henry) and then of course he has pen all over his legs   Love this boy.  He is the bomb.

Theodore Crawling from ashley boice on Vimeo.
This is Theo when he was just starting to crawl.

theo 9months from ashley boice on Vimeo.
Theo a couple of weeks later...trying to crawl on all 4s.

Please as usually ignore my ANNOYING voice.  Aggghhhh.  Mostly I am posting these for grandmas.


cort said...

That photo of Henry is sooo funny. I would love to have that hanging up in my house really big:)

Supercords said...

I had 2 chickens as pets growing up. Best pets of all time. Henry is a man after my own heart.

Cindy said...

I LOVE that picture of Henry and the chicken! That is priceless.

Earl Family said...

Oh Ash, your blog makes me so happy inside.

I am so jealous that Theo sleeps so much. I am lucky if Stella sleeps 1.5 hours a day. She certainly is my non sleeper. Bleh.