Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I ran out of room on my blog.  Used all my picture space I guess.  So now I have to post under cortney.  So just so you know it is still me.

I shaved Theo's head after his 9 month appointment.  They told me that he might need a helmet but it was hard to tell with his hair.  I wanted to see how his head looked for myself.  Plus...it was growing over his ears and I can't stand that.  (I will shave it again for his follow up appointment in October)

 I love a shaved head.  I really do.  Thankfully since that is the look cortney sports 100% of the time. 

Look at him looking at Cortney.  What a cutie. 

Please excuse the food mess around him.  He is at that annoying stage of life where he is a mess all the time....because he is learning to eat.  (and because he isn't a first child)

Who knows what color his eyes are.  I thought they were going to be brown like Rob's but they are a greyish brownish.  

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