Thursday, September 13, 2012

my life hasn't been that sweet lately

Is that a dramatic enough title for my post??

Believe it or not I still have more reunion pictures to post.  That will come later.  (maybe later today...when I have the time to blog I try to knock out as many posts as I can.  Right now, my babies are asleep, my big boys are at school and my house is

Anyways we got home from the reunion on Sunday, Monday morning Cortney left hunting before I even woke up. Since then...Cortney has been gone.  He gone...As we like to say around here.  He comes back every once in awhile, to go to church and watch some cougar football.  Week one I was sad and lonely, week 2, I was in denial, Week 3, I was TICKED off (seriously), Week 4... I am OVER IT. Life resumes without him I guess.  We sure miss him though and the boys are really needing the good cop to be back in town.  Hahaa.   

I have had to take care of ALL the back to school stuff (post coming soon).  Every teacher meeting all of it.  I CAN't wait until life gets back to normal.  (the hunt ends this weekend)

Cortney tells me it is the most exhausting discouraging thing he has ever done.  He hunts exclusively with a bow.  This year he drew on a bull elk tag in a great location.  He says it is a once in 15 years type of hunt.  They (he and his bestie Sam)  have been hiking up and down mountains everyday from the top to the bottom.  He says it is one of the most physically demanding things he has ever done.  His friend Sam is a Marathon runner and he said he would rather run a marathon any day.  hmmmm....I don't feel to sorry for him.  

 I love this picture taken of them by the trail cam.  (a camera that you leave out and it takes pictures when it senses movement)  When they started hunting in August it was scalding hot.  (thus cort's undershirt)  Now it is getting pretty cold and it even snowed the other night. 

Look at these boys.  I love this picture.  I respect their dedication that is for is a lot of hard work. I think this looks funner than watching a bunch of littles by your self for a month.  (I wouldn't be hiking though...I would just lounge around in the trailer)

I will post more hunting pictures later...when the boys are back.  I am sure you can't wait!

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Samantha said...

Hunting sounds like the worst! I hope he at least gets a kill so that it's a good experience? Or is it just a good experience anyway?