Monday, August 06, 2012


Cortney hasn't had a second of spare time lately...and hasn't been getting his camera out at all.  But this weekend he finally did.  He took some pretty cute pictures of the kiddos even though they weren't dressed cute or in some cases dressed at all.

Theo...what a cutie. 

 Henry has been potty training, I use that term loosely because mostly he is just running around in underwear.  He looks like a crazy orphan at all times.  

 Theo is still not sitting up but rolling like crazy.  We have to lay out a big blanket because he is still spitting up. 

People always assume I must be really busy...but that is so not the case.  I am at one of the hardest parts of parenting I have had so far.  I have a lot of kids but none that are old enough to babysit.  I have too many kids to go anywhere alone...and Theo and Henry sleep a lot of the day.  We have spent the summer sitting in this house.  It has been nice because while I haven't seen Cali at all...our kids can walk back and forth to see each other.  We have way too many kids together for me to go over there or her here... :(

My boys do a lot of this kind of 

Playing around...

Still playing around...

Not playing anymore.  Hahaa.  Story of my life  Look how mad Oli is looking here.  Yikes. 

Henry and Theo playing. 

Journal notes:


We closed on our house on July 16th.  It took so long it amazes me.  I never thought it was going to happen...and Cortney and I were pretty stressed out trying to make two payments.  It is all done now and I am SO grateful.  We miss our little house, and ESPECIALLY miss our neighbors.

One Jully 22nd Cortney and I spoke in our new ward.  I was pretty stressed out about the whole thing but was less stressed out than last time because I had just done it.  We spoke on the "blessings we receive because of our heritage...and the heritage we leave for our children".  I tried my very hardest to not take up all the time this time around but still managed to only leave Cortney with 10 minutes.  Linh came and sat with my kids, which was a huge help.  I think my talk went well...I had people laughing and I had a pretty clear mind and was able to get the points across that I wanted.  Cortney spoke about his great grandpa Ephraim Hanks.  He was pretty emotional and I think he really touched people's hearts.  Especially since he is looking so much like a mountain man right now.   A family in our ward brought over a thank you card that night thanking us for our talks.  Nice huh??  On this Sunday our neighbors invited us over last minute for some BBQ.  They also have 4 kids ages 13-6 and our kids get along so well.  They are so nice and welcoming to us...which always feels good.  

We have both received callings in our new ward. I have been called as the beehive advisor...I love being in young women's but it is so scary getting to know all new people and we have SO many young women so it is a little overwhelming.   Cortney has been called as the Elder's Quorum secretary.  It will be a switch up for him because he has worked in scouts for the last 13 years almost continuously.  


scrambled brains said...

I am SO glad you posted--I've been waiting to hear about your house and if it sold or not. What a relief for you and Cort. We miss you guys a lot but are happy to hear that your new ward is taking good care of you. They are such lucky peeps :).


Angelique said...

The 2-kids napping phase is hard. You almost have to wait until your kids go to bed, huh?

Such a relief you finally closed on your house..I still need to come see your new place.

lanita said...

Oh my gosh. Those 3 consecutive pictures of Rob and Oliver made me laugh out loud. That happens all the time at our house, and I loved that you actually caught the progession. So funny!

khepworth said...
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