Friday, August 24, 2012

Earl Family Reunion. Part 1 of like 100

We left for Moses Lake on Sunday morning around 5 am.  Usually in our family Cortney does all the driving but he was sooo tired so I drove until we got to Caldwell.  I actually really liked it.  

 Cort was out and didn't even wake up when I stopped to have Henry go pee on the side of the road.  

 Henry is constantly taking pictures with my phone.  They always have his fingers in them.   I kinda liked this picture of me driving. 

We had a long hard day of driving but the kids were all good, and we didn't even have one time where they were all crying (which happens sometimes).  We pulled onto Easy Street...right as my parents were getting home from church.  Sam and her kids and Cali and her kids were already there.  

My Aunt Vickie and Grandma Jones were there too.  So it was really great to see them before they left for Arizona.  

We had waffles for dinner when we got there and then we spent the evening sitting around outside. 

Sam and Josie

 Hmmm...looks like everyone is listening to something I am saying.  Interesting.  Hahaa. 

 My parents Yard is HEAVEN to me.  I love it.  My favorite times are spent doing just this. 

 Here Cali is watching a really funny video Cortney secretly took of me singing "I wanna dance with somebody".  It is funny. 

 Willie Mays

Ipad/Ipod time. 

Pretty Pretty Josie.

So obviously Cortney was there and taking pictures.  I love having some quality pictures for my blog. 
Grace, Owen, and Kate.  Our three kindergartners 


I love my house.  I walked this railroad track so much in my childhood. 


Yup.  This is what we do.  Does it get any better than this?  Life is good (and loud).

The kids singing 3 little birds...from chipmunks. 

Quite often the sprinklers would come on and the kids would run through them like crazy.  It wouldn't be long before these two would be in their birthday suits. 


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we would get up and get ready and then head to Grandma's pool.  The kids loved swimming and it was HOT. 

Dad would feed us something while we were there.  


Tyson is such a good brother. 

Henry took this picture of us eating dinner outside.  My dad really kept us well fed. 

Cortney mostly stayed home and worked while we went swimming.  This day he came and said it was too he stayed home again the next day. Hahaa. 

Okay that is all for post 1.  I just have so many pictures that this is how I have to do it. 

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Samantha said...

ash I LOVE this post! I am so happy because me and my kids are never around and so to have cort take pictures of my kids makes my heart soar! The pictures of kids and Josi! I'm stealing all of them! thanks so much!