Friday, August 24, 2012

cali and ash

The first couple of nights that we were in Moses, Sam had plans with her high school friends. I know she will be mad she missed this ole' photo shoot.

oh and I thought I should mention...since Cali mentioned it in the comments that we didn't plan this...and didn't get ready.  hahaa.

We wanted to do all of the super awkward poses you do when you are little...

 And of course it might look like we were alone but we were always surrounded by 13 kids. 

 Henry got sad because I may have pushed him out of the picture. 

 These were inspired by Brad and Jules' engagement pictures.  I tried to do a front piggyback ride like they did but it was too hard. 

 I am older than I remember. 


Cali said...

Hey next time lets put on makeup, or maybe a cute can't beat the poses though!!!!!

Cali said...

By the way, this was impromptu....not planned.

Myca said...

haha these are awesome. And you guys still look totally gorgeous. For real.

Samantha said...

Yeah I was sad for a second until I saw the picture with Josi in it and remembered how bad she was being and that I got to go out to dinner with girlfriends and stayed out until 2:30 am WITHOUT MY CHILDREN. I guess I can miss a photo shoot. But come on guys. Really? We were there for a WEEK together and you didn't even mention this!!