Sunday, July 29, 2012


I don't have any pictures but I just wanted to do some journaling.

Yesterday was Cortney's uncle's funeral.  Tyson babysat my kids during the day.  He is such an awesome and amazing kid.  I couldn't imagine a better example for my little ones.  It was so AWESOME to see Bob's brothers and sisters...because we hardly ever get the chance to.  Also we got to see Heather, Tyler and Cameron...and of course Bob and Roberta.  It was a really special time together as a family, and a beautiful service.   Later in the night Cali watched my kids and Cortney and I joined the family at the IMAX to watch the Dark Knight Rises, the batman movie.  Honestly it was a bit violent and scary for me...but I loved sitting next to Cortney in a theater.  We never get out.   I started feeling sick halfway through and thought it was because I was hungry.  When we got home I was ornery and feeling real sick.  When we got to Cali's to pick up my kids all SIX of her kids were asleep...and my 4 were up....and it isn't because of Cali.  Cali Rocks....Henry just kept pounding the door and turning on the lights and Theo just wouldn't go down. It frustrates me that my kids aren't that good for babysitters and it made me realize that for a while I just can't leave them.  I hardly ever do...and there is definitely a reason. It annoys me but I guess that is my reality.

Once we were home and the kids were asleep I made myself a little dinner and went to bed.  I was feeling so sick.  Around 2 I got up and started throwing up the whole night long.  Over and over.  I hate throwing up and usually do everything in my power to not, it was horrible.  It was a long night.  I slept in super late and now I am just as weak as a newborn kitten.  I can barely stand up.  So I thought I would do a little journaling.

Theo got his first tooth on Sunday July 15th, and his second tooth today Sunday July 28th.  He has been pretty good even though he is teething.  Just not wanting to go to bed at night.  Once we get him down though he sleeps a good 10 hours straight.  He also tried his first cracker today and loved it.  He loves baby food (when I get the gumption to give him some) and he has stopped spitting up so much.  It is still probably 5 times after each bottle but way better than 50 times.  Haha.  He is still not sitting up on his own (not really when supported by pillows either) but rolls all over the place and is trying to get up on all fours. I hope he doesn't crawl before he sits up.  I will most likely make a doctors appointment to check in on his not sitting.  He is a good boy and a very easy baby.

Henry, is so awesome.   He is throwing a lot of crying tantrums right now, and still having a hard time adjusting to this house.  He is my most impossible sleeper on vacations and such.  It is crazy how much of my traveling I spend trying to get him to sleep.  Doesn't seem worth it.  He is still eating next to nothing, but we have gotten rid of bottles all together.  He now just drinks two sippy cups of milk a day. (down from his million bottles before) His sippy cup is pretty darn similar to a bottle but at least it isn't one.  He eats: toast, dry cereal, american cheese (yuck), string cheese, bananas, grapes, apples, hot dogs, nuggets, noodles, fries, and of course any and all treats.  He tries my patience and I just wish he would try more foods.  My parents did get him to try quite a few new foods at their house...I was pretty impressed.  I don't fight him about it too much. Despite all of these things he is just so lovable.  He is my child that is most like Cortney, charismatic and nice.  He LOVES church and asks me everyday if he can go.  He also is my most spiritual 2 year old.  Always wanting to say prayers and talk about Jesus.

Rob is growing right up.  He is so much like me...and I feel because of that I am more sensitive to his trials and also more defensive of him.  He loves to do school work and has done about 150 pages of homework this summer.  He is really learning to read too and is awesome at math.  He is starting to make some friends in the neighborhood but can sometimes be hard to play with.  He and Carolina and Grace are the BEST of friends.   He really plays good with girls and loves to imagine.  He hates rejection and failure and nearly shuts down when either happens.  He has been doing so well in our new primary and is doing so much better without me in there as the president.

Oliver is so helpful. This morning when I was still so sick from last night, and when Cortney was gone at a elders quorum meeting Oliver and Rob got Theo up and fed him.  Oliver also changed his diaper.  He also watched Henry and kept the kids from coming in and bothering me.  He has always been responsible and it is nice seeing him grow up and becoming more and more helpful.  He does his chores pretty good without complaining and I never have to ask him again to get it done.  He takes a little more prodding to get his homework done but once I get him started he can do it so fast and is so smart.  He is now a Bear scout and is doing real good at that.  He is making a lot of new friends in the neighborhood. Unfortunately none of them go to our school.

Cortney recently stopped working from home, and got an office at one of his friends, office buildings.   It has been really good for him and I know he gets more work done.  I sure miss him being here though.  He is getting ready to launch a fly fishing equipment company, so he is pretty excited about that.  He also drew on a "once in a lifetime" elk hunt this year...and that is nearly all he thinks about.  He really took good care of me today while I have been sick.

I just took this picture of Henry after he got home from church. Yup still wearing these goggles.  He got his eye poked so poor baby has a bloody spot in his eye.  I took this after I took a picture of Cortney, I am trying to get him to be an extra in the lds videos.  They are looking for people with beards. hahaa.  I would love it if he was an extra.

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