Monday, August 06, 2012

Silver lake

Cortney and I were so sick of never doing anything but chores on Saturday.  So when we woke up this Saturday we decided we would go up American Fork canyon and spend the day.  It was so fun.  There were a ton of people though.  We drove all the way up a mountain to Silver Lake.  It was beautiful but the water was so low that it was kinda muddy instead of rocky.  On the drive up, Oliver started to get car sick so he came and rode in the front with me.  As we drove higher and higher on the tiny road Oliver said "there is a 58% chance we are going to die on this road".  All of the kids were so scared by the narrow road.  I loved it.  It was breathtakingly beautiful. 

When we got to the lake Cortney carried a cooler down so I carried Theo.  There was a old guy there eating a picnic and he was quite concerned about me carrying the baby down.  He was really worried for me...but I told him "I've got this!".  I think he was pretty mad at Cortney for letting me carry the baby down. Hahaa.  Little did he know the cooler weighed soooo much.  

 Theo is finally strong enough to sit up in this. 

 There were some ducks so I started feeding them some croissants from costco.  Cortney said "careful honey those are 50 cents each!"  I only fed them one. 

 It was really fun but super sunny with no shade so we decided to find a picnic site and then hike around.  

While hiking Oliver fell down pretty good.  

All of my kids need hair cuts stat. 

While we were hiking Cortney told oliver to go sit on a rock so he could get a picture of him.  Oliver was walking and then jumped over a RATTLESNAKE!!!

He almost stepped right on it.  Luckily he didn't try to grab it like he usually does with the snakes down here. 

 It was pretty scary. 

Cortney sent me out of there with the little ones real quick.

Family picture.  Hens is crying of course. 

I will end it all with an ADORABLE picture of Theo laughing.  You can see his two teeth too.  CUTE. 

It was a great day.  Exhausting...but great. 


Samantha said...

I love it when you post. We've been stuck in our home all summer too so I totally feel your pain.

gramyflys said...

You're makin' memories, girl. Makin' memories.

My New Life said...

Great post! Those are some good memories but really a snake? Scary!

Supercords said...

The family photos are great. Cort's beard is in full splendor.

khepworth said...

Ok, I would have been running like a little sissy if I saw that snake! Eeeee-heebie jeebies.

And the pics of your boys not fighting and then really fighting-AWESOME!

And Cort-nice manbeard. :)