Monday, January 31, 2011

gross gory picture

Gross...I know. It was actually bigger than it looks in the picture. He did really good and ended up getting 6 staples in his head. On the way to the dr.'s he kept saying..." I am going to tell them i hate them and i am going to push them off of me...I am going to tell them they are stupid." it was so funny...he was not wanting to get a shot or stitches.

Once we got there he was actually so good. When the doctor was cleaning out his wound Rob said "I really want to say a bad word right now!". The doctor and nurse were trying so hard not to laugh...the nurse said it was one of the best things she has heard. He was so brave and thought that staples were way better than stitches. He said he wanted chubby's for his reward.

Did i mention that we had insurance for about 24 hours more when this happened. Yeah, i insurance coverage ends today. Pheewww what a blessing.

Rob was pretty nauseous in the night so i kept him home from school...but he is doing really good. Running crazy like usual.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Nothing like a Sunday night visit to the instacare. We had pancakes at Kaelynn's tonight and rob fell backwards into awindow for sure.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's starting to be nice out again...

So I guess that means that this blog starts to consist mostly of pictures like this...

Haha I realize that In the summer the only thing I post is funny stuff Henry does and pictures of my boys jumping on the trampoline. Well good news for you my tramp is popping a new spring every day. So by the time summer actually rolls around, it will be non existent. Haha.

I mean how many pictures of kids jumping on the tramp can one mom post?

Last Saturday, Cortney grabbed his camera and said, lets go shoot some pictures. Honestly he hasn't said that since his accident. It made me so happy. I think his shoulder hurt too bad before. I don't know why he wasn't taking pictures. But he got some cute ones of Oli.
(don't let this deceive you...Oli biffed (as he would say) big time after this was taken.)
Rob is so funny. I threw the pants he is wearing away the second he entered the house. They were so bad.

Oliver has been hating the winter time because he can't skate and bike. We thought we would start him snowboarding this year...but it will have to wait until next year. I can't even imagine how much he will love it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

goodbye dish

Goodbye DVR. Goodbye The Bachelor and teen mom. I will miss you.

When I called last night to put our account on hold the kids started screaming "mom, mom come in here something happened to the TV, it's screwed up!" They had already stopped our shows before I finished my phone call. Sad night. I really love television. I don't know how people live without it. Oh well...I know it isn't a break up....just a break. :)


I mentioned a while ago that this year was going to full of changes for our family...

On Monday Cortney was laid off.

When he was hired, we knew we were climbing aboard a sinking ship. The company had already gone on for a year with the employees having reduced pay. We decided then that a unstable job was better than having no job at all. Cortney has loved every minute of working there. Being unemployed for 8 months does that to you...makes you grateful just to HAVE a job.

When Cortney first got the job he had NEVER had an office. Really he had hardly even worked indoors. It was weird for him. But he couldn't believe how much less tiring it was. He wasn't as hungry, he wasn't as tired. He said working indoors was probably going to add 10 years to his life. (I think he was right)

The best thing that this job has done for Cortney is it has changed how he views himself. Before he couldn't imagine working behind a desk, yet he didn't want to be mowing golf courses in his 60's. We weren't sure what he should do when he was done with golf courses. This job made him realize that he can do anything...and be good at it.

Okay...back to being laid off.

The company he worked for has had some CRAZY financial ups and downs over the years. The whole time he worked there we were always waiting to get paid or not getting paid at all. We went 3 consecutive pay checks with out getting paid. It was crazy. And stressful.

Needless to say everyone that worked with Cortney started looking for new jobs.

In December Joey was offered a job that would start in January (what?? I know, you heard it here first).

Joey was Cortney's was just them two in the international department of their work (who knows what they do). With Joey leaving the department was dissolved.

I don't want it to sound like Joey leaving caused Cortney to not have a job...the exact opposite actually. Every month Joey was able to postpone Cortney's lay off, and watch out for us (ie making them pay us when they hadn't for a while).

So Cortney was laid off.

It was so different this time. Last time we were so shocked and hurt. It is so different when you can see it coming. When you can prepare for it and get your mind around what you are going to do.

I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I mean it isn't going to be fun for a while...but it is exciting for the lay off to be final and to not be dreading it. I know we will be okay. We have ALWAYS been taken care of...every single day of our lives. I know things will work out the way they should...even if it is hard in the meanwhile.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some weird things

Cortney just washed a fox tail and is now using my hair dryer to dry it. Yuck.

Earlier this week cortney asked for some hair product to make his beard less frizzy. Haha

Henry 15 months

On Friday my phone rang at 8:15 telling me I had an appointment for Henry at 9:20, I did not remember this at all so it was a good thing they called me. (I have got a calendar for this year but before I have never been very good at knowing what is going on and when I have appointments and such. 2011 is my year to become organized...we will see how it goes)

Henry's Stats

Weight 25.18 lbs--60.42%
Height (She totally didn't take his height good...his head was totally bent to the side, I am sure he is at least a inch taller) 32 inches--77.6%
Head 18.5 inches-45.2%

He had to get 4 shots and the nurse only remembered to give him 3, then AFTER I told her he needed a 4th and he had to have another shot after he had already cried and then been happy. It was sad.

He is you all know...I know I say it non stop.

Here are some pictures from our appointment...he was going crazy and was ticked off that he had to be locked in such a boring room for so long.

This was cracking me up...he spent like 10 minutes trying to get under this chair.

Just a cute picture of him from Cortney's phone.

Words he says...
hirobbie (hi robbie)
hioli (hi oli)
badu (bottle)
uh oh
Thank you
i love you (sounds more like, i uh oooo)
and he barks when he sees a dog (thanks to all the doggies at grandmas house, he LOVEs them...a little too much sometimes)
Oh and Oliver just reminded me that Hens says "Ho Ho Ho"

He sleeps every night from 7 to 8:30 when I have to wake him up to take the kids to school. He is trying to only take 1 long nap in the day instead of two, two hour naps. When he only takes one nap then he is so exhausted all afternoon and wants to go to bed at like 5)

He has started eating a little more and I am so excited about that. Just today he ate oatmeal and last night he had some spaghettios.

He loves to wrestle with his brothers.

He and Fiona have started fighting like crazy. On saturday they both had their arms locked around each other in a death grip they were both trying as hard as they could to bite each other. Henry bit Fiona on the face...and I may or may not have gotten it on video. It was horrible. I don't know how to teach them to not fight. Cali was at my house all friday and we had to stagger their naps so they weren't awake at the same time. YIKES. It was so bad between Oliver and Jack when they were little (blood drawn all the time) then HORRIBLE between Robbie and Carolina. They have all outgrown this so it gives me some hope...but I somehow hoped Fi and Hens wouldn't fight like this know they are practically twins. SAM how did you get your two to not fight???

Thats all...time to get ready for church.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh boy

I promised my self that this year I would be better at blogging. I used to take more pictures, and I used to write more about my everyday life. I don't know if I have just been way busier with 3 kids instead of 2 but I haven't been doing that good. I am going to try to be better.

This morning, minutes after I got the boys off to school, I heard some rattling of spoons in the kitchen. I didn't think anything of it, but then I realized that the big boys were gone, so it had to be Henry...which is never good.

I ran into the kitchen to find this...
I can't believe he learned how to climb all the way up there. The boys breakfasts were still sitting there from when they finished them.
Naughty baby. I am not going to be able to take my eyes off of him. (my kids really make a mess when they eat)

I better go wipe that table down now. haha.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

family pictures

In November sometime our good friend Sherry took some pictures of us. We have never had someone else take pictures EVER so it was really fun to do. Sherry is so awesome, and the pictures turned out great.

We finally got around to hanging some up.

We have never hung anything in our house ever. Not a clock. Not a picture. The only thing is the wooden box thing that Cortney made....and even then we just hung that within the last year. People always think we just moved in when they come over because our house isn't decorated at all.

I like things simple.

When you live in a tiny house, plain white walls are nice.

It feels weird to have something hung up, but for now I like it.
I think it stresses me out too much to decide what to put up and where...that is a big reason we never hang stuff up. Oh, and that pictures, frames, nails, art...all of those things cost money. hahaa

We also printed out some random pictures Cortney has taken and mounted them on foam core and put them on the wall.

I realized we haven't taken pictures of Henry in forever. He is getting HUGE. Seriously he is breaking my back. He isn't a baby anymore.

He wouldn't let me clean his nose so don't look too close.

He only walks now. NO more crawling, ever.
Rob has just been playing on my ipad and watching TV. We have had such a quiet day.

Also of note, Henry is now climbing EVERYTHING. Yikes...I kinda hate this stage. (as I type I can hear him pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets)

This is what I got in the mail today. I kid you not 6 credit card applications. No wonder this country is having so many financial problems. It makes me want to write letters to people so that this isn't what they are getting in the mail too. But then I'd have to buy stamps, oh and envelopes...and I guess I would have to get their address.

Finally Christmas day

We woke up at 6:30 on Christmas morning. It was TOOO early for me. I like to sleep in a little longer and my kids are still pretty young so we even had to wake them up. So I was a little grouchy when we went up stairs to open presents. That quickly went away when I saw the excitement from all the nieces and nephews.
We let Henry sleep in (he didn't get much anyways). There are our presents and our bowls/stockings. I was the only person who forgot stockings at home. Oh well a bowl works just fine.

Who would know that some little thing I bought just as a filler gift would be the best present we had. Rob LOVED these orbeez. They are little tiny balls that you put in water and then they get bigger. He is still playing with them, and everything else has been forgotten.

Rob and one of his 3 big bakugans.

legos of course.


We had a fire going and everything. It was cozy.

I look like I am REALLY tired.

Henry opening one of his 2 presents. He loved this tractor it is so awesome. It rumbles and moves and plays music. Every other little cousin there wanted it SO bad.

Notice my pretty is from Nicole.

I am pretty sure Henry is tongue tied. Anyone know what they do with that??? He can't stick his tongue out.

He also got a little pot with food in it. Surprisingly he plays with it too.

Oliver got:
Lego City set
Small Lego Harry Potter Set
Tech Deck set
My Sims Agent
Hex bug
Where's waldo ultimate collection
2 shawn white shirts
Zip up hoodie
Snow hat

Rob got:
5 small slinkies
3 big bakugons
creepy crawler bug set (worst toy takes 30 minutes to make one bug...)
spongebob Wii game
1 shawn white shirt

Together the boys got
remote control car (also a pretty crappy toy, they never work)
Lego Harry potter for the Wii

Henry got
Tonka truck
leap frog cook and play potsy

From grandma and grandpa earl they got ornaments. From grandma and grandpa boice they got pillow pets/huge body pillow (oli).

I was worried because we didn't spend a lot on their Christmas this year. Oliver's list that he wrote to santa said he wanted,
xbox 360,
skate 1, 2 and 3 for xbox.
a bike
and pants

We didn't get him one thing on his list. It is hard to explain that his Santa doesn't spend that much on his presents or that he can't build those presents for him.

Both boys still thought their Christmas was awesome. I was relieved.

From mom and dad Boice Cortney and I got a KINDLE. Yay. How awesome is that??

Every family got one so all of us brothers and sisters just sat around playing with them all christmas day. I love it.

Right when Everyone was done opening presents Cortney's oldest brother Shawn brought in a HUGE box for Cortney. He opened it and it was a huge (probably 20 by 30 or around there) HANDMADE gorgeous frame with a picture of Cortney fly fishing in it. The picture was taken on a day when Shawn took Cortney out fishing. It was amazing and Cortney and I both just sat there with tears in our eyes. I honestly think it is one of the nicest presents ANYone has ever given Cort. I haven't even done something that romantic for him ever. It was amazing. (it surely took place of favorite gift right above my 10 dollar sweater I got him from old navy...ahahahaa). Of course I don't have a picture of it. But Cortney has hung the picture in his office and I will get a picture of it soon. It is amazing (have I already said that??).

Heather also made us (yeah Cort's family is really talented) a beautiful frame for our family picture, pictures to come of that soon too.

After presents Schuyler made TO die for biscuits and gravy, plus we had grandma's and berta's famous egg casseroles, cinnamon rolls and orange juice. It was perfect.

We then spent the day napping, playing, EATING.
Enchiladas for dinner. YUM.

It was a great day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Henry doesn't eat. I know that may seem surprising since he is such a chunky little thing...but it's true. Unless it is chocolate, caramel, cookie, cheese puff or baba he wants nothing to do with it.

I have tried everything too.

Today, he ate 3 servings of baked ziti. He couldn't get enough. He might have ruined his onesie, but I couldn't be happier. All night long little visions of his fat hands stuffing the rotini into his mouth, have been playing over and over in my mind. It may sound weird but, every time I think of him eating, it honestly warms my heart. I think one of the main reasons he wouldn't eat before is he wanted to feed himself. I don't know but tonight I have hope.

Maybe he won't be a picky eater after all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve dinner we had 2 turkeys and a ham, funeral potatoes, Creamed corn, Rolls, and sparkling cider. It was to die for good. The place we stayed had seating for 42 people. I loved that we had plenty of room for all of us. Plus the kitchen was a dream for cooking for so many too.
I love this picture of all of us in the kitchen. It is a lot of work to feed so many people.

Love this one of us my funny rheumatoid arthritis hand.

Honestly it did my heart so good to see my kids hanging out with their cousins. It totally reminded me of the great times I had when i was little. My kids are quite a big younger than the main group of kids...and all of the older cousins are SOOOO good with my kids. All of the kids stayed up so late every night. Coming into the kitchen for midnight snacks together. Building forts to sleep in. (of course Oliver was too scared to actually stay there sleeping) Staying up late talking. It was so wonderful.

I told the older cousins to be in charge of the nativity. They raided the linen closet and put on a pretty good show. Next time I am making the Boice's sing some songs. We never sing. Which is funny because all of the boices are so musical.

I can't help but love this picture...I love whitney and her two babies in the back ground... I love how entwined me and nicole are and deep in conversation...about what I have no idea, it shows just how cozy Christmas was. I love being with family.

Nicole had a Christmas miracle happen to her...she had the gift of piano...she was playing Christmas music and it sounded so homey and comfy.

Then Tyler told her to stop making so much "noise" and she tried to fight him...
While we were at the cabin Henry would just wander all was awesome. Sometimes I would hear him crying for me and I could tell he had scoured the place for me. What a big house for a little baby.

The kids had a present exchange that Tyler and Nicole got all the presents for. I love this picture of Henry trying to be one of the big boys.

I got my kids some really cute Christmas Pajamas, unfortunately I didn't get really cute pictures of my kids in their pajamas...
These knuckle heads are horrible. I couldn't get them to look at the darn camera.

There's a good one. Look at that cute guy.

Horrible picture quality but look at how old my Oliver looks.

Up next Christmas day. Sorry for all the Christmas posts but...hey, it is mostly for me.