Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve dinner we had 2 turkeys and a ham, funeral potatoes, Creamed corn, Rolls, and sparkling cider. It was to die for good. The place we stayed had seating for 42 people. I loved that we had plenty of room for all of us. Plus the kitchen was a dream for cooking for so many too.
I love this picture of all of us in the kitchen. It is a lot of work to feed so many people.

Love this one of us my funny rheumatoid arthritis hand.

Honestly it did my heart so good to see my kids hanging out with their cousins. It totally reminded me of the great times I had when i was little. My kids are quite a big younger than the main group of kids...and all of the older cousins are SOOOO good with my kids. All of the kids stayed up so late every night. Coming into the kitchen for midnight snacks together. Building forts to sleep in. (of course Oliver was too scared to actually stay there sleeping) Staying up late talking. It was so wonderful.

I told the older cousins to be in charge of the nativity. They raided the linen closet and put on a pretty good show. Next time I am making the Boice's sing some songs. We never sing. Which is funny because all of the boices are so musical.

I can't help but love this picture...I love whitney and her two babies in the back ground... I love how entwined me and nicole are and deep in conversation...about what I have no idea, it shows just how cozy Christmas was. I love being with family.

Nicole had a Christmas miracle happen to her...she had the gift of piano...she was playing Christmas music and it sounded so homey and comfy.

Then Tyler told her to stop making so much "noise" and she tried to fight him...
While we were at the cabin Henry would just wander all was awesome. Sometimes I would hear him crying for me and I could tell he had scoured the place for me. What a big house for a little baby.

The kids had a present exchange that Tyler and Nicole got all the presents for. I love this picture of Henry trying to be one of the big boys.

I got my kids some really cute Christmas Pajamas, unfortunately I didn't get really cute pictures of my kids in their pajamas...
These knuckle heads are horrible. I couldn't get them to look at the darn camera.

There's a good one. Look at that cute guy.

Horrible picture quality but look at how old my Oliver looks.

Up next Christmas day. Sorry for all the Christmas posts but...hey, it is mostly for me.


Angelique said...

Seeing your sister-in-law play the piano really makes me want one in my house.

Fun Christmas cabin!

Earl Family said...

I can NOT get over how old Oliver looks in that last picture!

Sherry Ward said...

Love all the posts and pics. Their pj's are AWESOME!

Gords said...

Nice post. Sounded like a magical time for you all. Makes me eager for Christmas already.

Melissa B. said...

Oliver looks just like Isaac in the last pic!

Christensen's said...

Glad to know I am not the only one still posting about Christmas. Makes me want to get a cabin with my family for Christmas. How fun!

{natalie} said...

your Christmas looks dreamy and i'm not just saying that. the cabin idea is great. and meatballs sandwiches sound good to me today.

i love the CHristmas pj's too.