Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas time part uno

I have been trying to post forever. Henry has figured out how to turn off the computer and every time I sit down to post he turns the dang thing off. It drives me crazy. I put some shirts over the power strip right now so maybe he won't figure out where the button went.

I had a wonderful Christmas. I have been meaning to post about it FOREVER. Somehow blogging about it made me sad that it was over so I have been putting it off.

No longer.

Over thanksgiving I was sitting around the in-laws talking with my mom-in-law...trying to figure out where we were going to fit all 30 of us for Christmas. I mentioned we should just look into getting a cabin, so we started looking. I found one that was about 15 minutes away from Rexburg that would fit us all and MIRACLES of all miracles it was available, and the owner would take less then he was asking.

It is a lot of work getting 30 people on board for something like this. I was kinda stressed about it.

I am so glad we did though because the place we stayed was AMAZING!!! We had the BEST BEST time.

We left to Rexburg on the 23rd. The morning before we left Cortney said he wanted to give me my Christmas present. We had agreed to NOT give presents this year...I know that everyone makes this agreement with their spouse and then they each have to still surprise each other with presents. That is NOT how we are. We almost every year don't get each other anything for Christmas. This year we were trying to save every dime possible for the future...and we didn't even hardly spend anything on our kids. So...I was shocked when he said he had gotten me something. I opened it up...it was an IPad!! I immediately told Cortney we had to take it back and that we couldn't afford it. I was shocked. He told me he had been secretly saving for one since they were released. Then he had a photo job where he got a used one for trade. I was (and still am) a little embarrassed to even have it...I don't want people looking at me and thinking...no wonder they don't have any money...they spend it all. hahahhaa, sad to say that but I really do think that way. I debated about even blogging about it. But I didn't want to have it be some dirty little secret I was keeping. It was one of the best presents ever though...I was so happy, I couldn't stop smiling. I LOVE IT. I am still in shock. Cortney had given me an Ipod touch something like 4 birthdays ago...he said that since my ipod was still in great shape, I passed his test (he is always stressing me about taking better care of things). I used my ipod everyday...so the IPad was a perfect gift.

I loaded my Ipad up with stuff then we jumped in the HEAVILY packed car (how did we even fit kids in there) and headed to Rexburg.

First though we stopped in Eden utah (by ogden...but definitely not ogden) to take some family pictures for our beloved Emigs. It was so fun to spend a little time at their "Christmas Cabin", on our way to our own.
It was pretty crazy taking INDOOR pictures of so many people...but I have NEVER EVER had kids behave so well during a photo shoot. What a photogenic bunch of people. There were hardly any pictures where people were talking or had their eyes closed.

We made it to Rexburg late the eve of the 23rd. Whitney and kids, Cam and Leah, and Tyler and Nicole were already up at Mom and Dad's. It was so good to see everyone.

The next morning we were up and on our way to the cabin.

This place was so awesome. 100 acres of land but 1/2 mile from the grocery store. (and little idaho town grocery stores are the best...a man let me go in front of him because I just had milk...I didn't even ask)

I was in charge of lunch and we had meatball sandwiches. Yum. Seriously.

Our view out the window...

This is a picture of Cortney doing what looks like picking his nose...but he is just feeling how his surgery scar feels... :)

We spend the day doing stuff like this...

We all brought treats to share...it was awesome. I have never been to a Boice function where the food was this good....we always have GOOD food but this was over the top.

Pretty great right??

Yeah there were 2 slides in this house.

Even the uncles were getting out there and playing. They were playing broom hockey and laughing so hard.

This is a picture of the kids bunkroom. They built forts non stop the entire time. It was nuts.

The cabin was so fun that we only snowmobiled just a little...now that is saying something. (I love this picture of Shade...he is so grown up).

Of course I spent most of my time doing just this. LOVE.
and a little of this...haha

p.s. Chens (henry's newest nickname) has been sick today...so this post took me a little over 15 hours to complete...and I was literally trying to get to it all day.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I could understand CHINS but Chens? Great post. Dad d

::lindsay said...

So sweet that he was saving up to get you an iPad. That is an awesome gift and what a sweetheart your husband is. Glad you had a good Christmas!

angie said...

1. super jealous of the iPad.
2. Super jealous of that awesome cabin! looks like a fantastic way to spend the holidays!

Sherry Ward said...

That really is so sweet that he was secretly saving for an iPad. Then he gets one on trade? Dude... where do I sign up! Looks like you had tons of fun at the Cabin! Jory's family needs to look into doing this!

Meridee said...

Hey it's me the weird blog stalker:) Can you email me the phone # or website for this cabin? We have been looking at getting a place this summer. I'm glad you got an ipad. That was sweet of Cort. My hubby has one and I feel the exact same as you. I feel like I always have to tell people we got it thru work:) clementsmeridee@aol.com

khepworth said...

Okay-Cort wins the awesome hubby award!

Do tell where this cabin is. Kurt's family is always looking for somewhere to go that can fit everyone.

Meridee said...

Nevermind about emailing me. . .I guess our family has already looked into that cabin, but the summers are booked for a couple of years. I remember seeing that Christmas time was available. I'm glad you guys got in:)

gramyflys said...

Let me just say that you EARNED that iPad helping Cort with our huge family pictures, Ash. You did SUCH a great job of corraling us all and putting us in just the right places and doing little crazy dances to get us all to smile at the same time. You are worth your weight in iPads, I say. Thanks so much for all your efforts. You two were awesome photographers.