Sunday, January 23, 2011

Henry 15 months

On Friday my phone rang at 8:15 telling me I had an appointment for Henry at 9:20, I did not remember this at all so it was a good thing they called me. (I have got a calendar for this year but before I have never been very good at knowing what is going on and when I have appointments and such. 2011 is my year to become organized...we will see how it goes)

Henry's Stats

Weight 25.18 lbs--60.42%
Height (She totally didn't take his height good...his head was totally bent to the side, I am sure he is at least a inch taller) 32 inches--77.6%
Head 18.5 inches-45.2%

He had to get 4 shots and the nurse only remembered to give him 3, then AFTER I told her he needed a 4th and he had to have another shot after he had already cried and then been happy. It was sad.

He is you all know...I know I say it non stop.

Here are some pictures from our appointment...he was going crazy and was ticked off that he had to be locked in such a boring room for so long.

This was cracking me up...he spent like 10 minutes trying to get under this chair.

Just a cute picture of him from Cortney's phone.

Words he says...
hirobbie (hi robbie)
hioli (hi oli)
badu (bottle)
uh oh
Thank you
i love you (sounds more like, i uh oooo)
and he barks when he sees a dog (thanks to all the doggies at grandmas house, he LOVEs them...a little too much sometimes)
Oh and Oliver just reminded me that Hens says "Ho Ho Ho"

He sleeps every night from 7 to 8:30 when I have to wake him up to take the kids to school. He is trying to only take 1 long nap in the day instead of two, two hour naps. When he only takes one nap then he is so exhausted all afternoon and wants to go to bed at like 5)

He has started eating a little more and I am so excited about that. Just today he ate oatmeal and last night he had some spaghettios.

He loves to wrestle with his brothers.

He and Fiona have started fighting like crazy. On saturday they both had their arms locked around each other in a death grip they were both trying as hard as they could to bite each other. Henry bit Fiona on the face...and I may or may not have gotten it on video. It was horrible. I don't know how to teach them to not fight. Cali was at my house all friday and we had to stagger their naps so they weren't awake at the same time. YIKES. It was so bad between Oliver and Jack when they were little (blood drawn all the time) then HORRIBLE between Robbie and Carolina. They have all outgrown this so it gives me some hope...but I somehow hoped Fi and Hens wouldn't fight like this know they are practically twins. SAM how did you get your two to not fight???

Thats all...time to get ready for church.


Sherry Ward said...

Those pics are so dang cute of Hens. I can'e believe how fast he's grown!

Samantha said...

Yeah my kids never drew blood really. Probably because they were justed used to each other ALWAYS being around. But don't get me wrong. The had their moments. Let's not forget this picture:

emily said...

Just the other day totally out of the blue Jared said, "MAN, I REALLY love Ashley. Girl chatting with Ash and Cali was by far my favorite part of our whole trip." This post reminds me of sitting around chatting about all the hilarious nothingness that fills our days. Love you.

duke of earl said...

Henry is awesome. I love the picture of him trying to go under the chair.

bBchronicles said...

My FAVORITE photo - #1!!!!! They're all pretty cute but that little fanny sticking up in the air ROCKS! GREAT POST - he'll love looking back at these posts when he gets older - so funny!