Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally Christmas day

We woke up at 6:30 on Christmas morning. It was TOOO early for me. I like to sleep in a little longer and my kids are still pretty young so we even had to wake them up. So I was a little grouchy when we went up stairs to open presents. That quickly went away when I saw the excitement from all the nieces and nephews.
We let Henry sleep in (he didn't get much anyways). There are our presents and our bowls/stockings. I was the only person who forgot stockings at home. Oh well a bowl works just fine.

Who would know that some little thing I bought just as a filler gift would be the best present we had. Rob LOVED these orbeez. They are little tiny balls that you put in water and then they get bigger. He is still playing with them, and everything else has been forgotten.

Rob and one of his 3 big bakugans.

legos of course.


We had a fire going and everything. It was cozy.

I look like I am REALLY tired.

Henry opening one of his 2 presents. He loved this tractor it is so awesome. It rumbles and moves and plays music. Every other little cousin there wanted it SO bad.

Notice my pretty scarf...it is from Nicole.

I am pretty sure Henry is tongue tied. Anyone know what they do with that??? He can't stick his tongue out.

He also got a little pot with food in it. Surprisingly he plays with it too.

Oliver got:
Lego City set
Small Lego Harry Potter Set
Tech Deck set
My Sims Agent
Hex bug
Where's waldo ultimate collection
2 shawn white shirts
Zip up hoodie
Snow hat

Rob got:
5 small slinkies
3 big bakugons
creepy crawler bug set (worst toy ever...it takes 30 minutes to make one bug...)
spongebob Wii game
1 shawn white shirt

Together the boys got
remote control car (also a pretty crappy toy, they never work)
Lego Harry potter for the Wii

Henry got
Tonka truck
leap frog cook and play potsy

From grandma and grandpa earl they got ornaments. From grandma and grandpa boice they got pillow pets/huge body pillow (oli).

I was worried because we didn't spend a lot on their Christmas this year. Oliver's list that he wrote to santa said he wanted,
xbox 360,
skate 1, 2 and 3 for xbox.
a bike
and pants

We didn't get him one thing on his list. It is hard to explain that his Santa doesn't spend that much on his presents or that he can't build those presents for him.

Both boys still thought their Christmas was awesome. I was relieved.

From mom and dad Boice Cortney and I got a KINDLE. Yay. How awesome is that??

Every family got one so all of us brothers and sisters just sat around playing with them all christmas day. I love it.

Right when Everyone was done opening presents Cortney's oldest brother Shawn brought in a HUGE box for Cortney. He opened it and it was a huge (probably 20 by 30 or around there) HANDMADE gorgeous frame with a picture of Cortney fly fishing in it. The picture was taken on a day when Shawn took Cortney out fishing. It was amazing and Cortney and I both just sat there with tears in our eyes. I honestly think it is one of the nicest presents ANYone has ever given Cort. I haven't even done something that romantic for him ever. It was amazing. (it surely took place of favorite gift right above my 10 dollar sweater I got him from old navy...ahahahaa). Of course I don't have a picture of it. But Cortney has hung the picture in his office and I will get a picture of it soon. It is amazing (have I already said that??).

Heather also made us (yeah Cort's family is really talented) a beautiful frame for our family picture, pictures to come of that soon too.

After presents Schuyler made TO die for biscuits and gravy, plus we had grandma's and berta's famous egg casseroles, cinnamon rolls and orange juice. It was perfect.

We then spent the day napping, playing, EATING.
Enchiladas for dinner. YUM.

It was a great day.


Myca said...

If Henry is really tongue tied they go in and snip that little piece of skin that connects his tongue to the bottom of his mouth. It is a really simple procedure and they can usually do it in the dr's office...if you were really wondering :). Looks like you guys had a really cozy Christmas. Love it.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Scarlet was tongue tied big time. Doctor told me as long as she could eat and talk she was fine. It tore a little when she was like seven or eight months old but she didn't seem to mind. So far, no issues. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Gords said...

Loved the pics of Henry and his tractor. He's such a cute kid. I was tongue tied and two of my kids were. The stupid Dr just said It'll be OK and it'll correct itself. It didn't and they had to snip my oldest when he was 6. It was a much bigger deal than had we just done it when he was smaller. The others that were tongue tied we did when they were babies. I would do it, that way it isn't an issue later on. It heals fast and isn't terrible.

angie said...

looks like an amazing christmas! can't wait to see the picture of Cortney's awesome gift....

p.s. your boys are just so adorable, I just want to squeeze Hens.