Thursday, January 27, 2011


I mentioned a while ago that this year was going to full of changes for our family...

On Monday Cortney was laid off.

When he was hired, we knew we were climbing aboard a sinking ship. The company had already gone on for a year with the employees having reduced pay. We decided then that a unstable job was better than having no job at all. Cortney has loved every minute of working there. Being unemployed for 8 months does that to you...makes you grateful just to HAVE a job.

When Cortney first got the job he had NEVER had an office. Really he had hardly even worked indoors. It was weird for him. But he couldn't believe how much less tiring it was. He wasn't as hungry, he wasn't as tired. He said working indoors was probably going to add 10 years to his life. (I think he was right)

The best thing that this job has done for Cortney is it has changed how he views himself. Before he couldn't imagine working behind a desk, yet he didn't want to be mowing golf courses in his 60's. We weren't sure what he should do when he was done with golf courses. This job made him realize that he can do anything...and be good at it.

Okay...back to being laid off.

The company he worked for has had some CRAZY financial ups and downs over the years. The whole time he worked there we were always waiting to get paid or not getting paid at all. We went 3 consecutive pay checks with out getting paid. It was crazy. And stressful.

Needless to say everyone that worked with Cortney started looking for new jobs.

In December Joey was offered a job that would start in January (what?? I know, you heard it here first).

Joey was Cortney's was just them two in the international department of their work (who knows what they do). With Joey leaving the department was dissolved.

I don't want it to sound like Joey leaving caused Cortney to not have a job...the exact opposite actually. Every month Joey was able to postpone Cortney's lay off, and watch out for us (ie making them pay us when they hadn't for a while).

So Cortney was laid off.

It was so different this time. Last time we were so shocked and hurt. It is so different when you can see it coming. When you can prepare for it and get your mind around what you are going to do.

I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I mean it isn't going to be fun for a while...but it is exciting for the lay off to be final and to not be dreading it. I know we will be okay. We have ALWAYS been taken care of...every single day of our lives. I know things will work out the way they should...even if it is hard in the meanwhile.


{natalie} said...

lay offs stink. though i liked having ethan around the house more. i hope he can find something else soon.

from your last post:

i can't stop laughing about "cortney just washed a fox tail and is now using my blow dryer to dry it" it makes me crack up.

dirty>south said...

hey has courtney ever considered selling his photos online? there's tons of sites where he could do it.

Angie said...

cortney is such a talented guy, I'm sure he will succeed in whatever he does.
Keep that positive outlook. Change can be tough, but being able to smile and laugh through it makes it a little easier.

Myca said...

Ash I am so sorry to hear this. I completely understand your stress and worry. YOu are right...starting a new business is never fun, but I think Cort has the opportunity to be very successful. You guys will be so blessed. It always seems to work out even when it feels like it won't.