Sunday, October 02, 2011


I love conference.  It is one of my favorite things all year.  It does however get a little harder when you have a really small house...and three really wild boys.  Yesterday I put the two big boys downstairs with a movie while we watched...which helped big time.  Having them watch it with us this morning was torture.  In fact I am still not wound down from it.  It started out good...
We had cinnamon rolls and sausage with chocolate milk and Orange juice.  

After eating Henry was just crying or hitting or trying to get us to go outside for the rest of the entire time.  I just kept turning the volume up louder and louder. 

I did snap this picture of Henry during the opening prayer.  He loves to pray.  We sometimes have to say 3 prayers during dinner.  He stops everyone if anyone stops folding their arms at any point during the prayer.  He also loves to say his prayers before bed...and will even stop throwing a tantrum to be reverent to say his prayers.  Cute boy.  

Yesterday's conference was awesome.  I made some yummy food (I may have eaten a whole bag of fried hash browns all by myself throughout the day yesterday. YIKES...I opted not to make them today because I knew I would be the only one eating them), and then for the first time we sent the boys away and didn't try to make them watch it.  It was really nice and relaxing.  Henry stayed and watched it with us but he was pretty cute. 
Here he is hiding in some of Cortney's hunting clothes.  

Cortney bought these rediculous sunglasses for me a couple of years ago...I love them though because I don't like any sun getting in my eyes and with these it is impossible.  Henry looks even more ridiculous then me.  Haha. He sure loves his dad.  

After the first session we went to ikea because we were running low on cups.  We got the two older boys into the play place right away and then Cortney and I and Henry had a lovely time walking around.   (Rob did get everyone kicked out of the balls in the play place...that kid)

We made it back right in time for the afternoon session and it was just what I needed.  

I can't believe there is going to be Provo temple. So exciting.  I really love the gospel.  


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

As we were watching conference I said to Connie, I would give anything if my children are watching conference. This really is what we believe.

Myca said...

Conference has been amazing. I had the same experience trying to get the boys (by myself mind you) to sit and watch and be quite. Kai was freaking out...for the second session I put kai down for a nap and I let them watch their own show. Best idea ever.

khepworth said...

had to laugh.....everytime i goto pick my boys up from the ikea playplace; they are sitting on a bench because they got kicked out of the ball pit.