Sunday, October 16, 2011

All of the sudden

All of the sudden my clothes don't fit.  I was thinking maternity clothes were such a waste...and then clothes fit me.

I can't help but change into pj's the second I get home.  (read...I wear pj's all day then)  Cortney said he had to document just how bad it has gotten, Friday night when we were at Winco.

32 weeks pregnant

The worst part was I was wearing kinda dressy shoes.  Yikes.  And yes...that is a South Campus sweatshirt.  Why isn't this fashionable??


camery said...


I'm sorry, but i really did laugh out loud when i read what you wrote about this picture. So, so, funny. But you're not the first and I'm fairly certain, you won't be the last! What I want to know is WHERE did you get a south campus sweatshirt? That was the best part. :)

Cassidy said...

Thats why its the best to be pregnant in cooler weather. Because we can get away with our pj's and sweats and baggy clothes.
ps...if you were anywhere but Utah, you'd probably fit riiiiight in. :)
Honestly, I'm all about the comfort when preggo, so you look good to me!

Cali said...

Finally a picture that shows the true Ashley that I know and love so well!!! I dress this way too, but am NOT pregnant, so what's my excuse?