Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 years old.

Three birthdays...I can't believe how fast time flies. 

I am going to do this post in parts...mainly because I want to get some pictures up for the grandparents...oh plus Cali hasn't seen them yet either.

First though, Henry's surgery went great.  The doctor said his ears were so full of puss they practically exploded when she sliced into them.  So glad he is finally getting tubes.  The sad part is he was so happy yesterday ear infections and all.  We went in at 7 and were out of there by 8:30.  His tongue is bothering him quite a bit...but he has still been pretty happy.

Now on to the babies.  We decided last minute to take some pictures of them.  Honestly we were outside 10 minutes before it got dark but it is always worth the effort.  The babies were harder to photograph this year because they are way more opinionated.  I can't believe how much they have grown from last year.

This is the face Noni makes when you say smile.  

I love fiona's dramatics in this picture.  We had a lot of issues trying to get them in the chairs they wanted.  Plus she wanted Cortney's rattle that he uses to get kids attention. 

There we go, they were finally happy with the chair arrangement. 



ring around the rosies. 


They were fascinated by this caterpillar they found. It almost put an end to the photo shoot. 
Can you see it there in Fi's hands.  Cali has them all over their yard. 

We had to recreate this picture from last year.  Henry was much more willing this time around.  I couldn't believe how much they have changed.  I feel like they look the same.  Fiona's hair is so long...and really so is Henry's.  He looks a lot less chubby too now. 

Henry started bucking her like a wild bronco.  It was hilarious.  All of the adults were laughing so hard.  
Fiona thought it was fun for a while.

I couldn't resist these of her falling off.  She really wasn't crying the whole time.  I think it is just a girl thing.  (I guess I will never know for myself...haha)

Cali and Fiona Calista.  (Cali and I didn't really get ready that day...just a disclaimer)

The four of us. For traditions sake. 

Who knows what we are doing here...but I love Cali and they way my eyes are bugging out.

Love Fiona in this picture. 

This is what they really wanted to be doing...not taking pictures.  It really is a lot to ask of two two year olds.  It is always a pain to take pictures but I am so glad we did.


Cassidy said...

I LOVE the look on Henry's face in the picture where Fiona is crying and being dramatic. He looks disgusted. So funny.
Cute kids. I can't believe they are two!

{natalie} said...

i think henry is the cutest boy ever.

Isaac and Linh said...


Earl Family said...

Adorable. So adorable.

Henry got tubes?!? What??? How did I not know this? Man, I am really out of the loop.

cort said...

I love those babies. It is funny to see the pictures from years past too. They grow so much every year.

gramyflys said...

Thank you so much for taking and posting these. These little twin cousins are just the cutest thing ever. I love your little montage at the top. Great pics. I may have to steal some!

Peggy Dee said...

So so so so cute!!!