Monday, September 26, 2011


The other day I had to have Cortney run get the camera because this is what I found Henry outside doing.  

A poor man's sand box.  Hahaa.  Our house doesn't have gutters so when it rains the water goes into our flower beds and collects in a pool right where Henry is sitting. dries and makes this fun dirt pile. 

Dirty baby always getting into trouble.  You may see a lot of plastic cups in this post.  On Saturday one of  Rob's chores was to pick up cups and plates from outside...there were something like 10.  What?

Oliver is getting so good at skating.  He is obsessed.  He told me the other day he was a "skater" and I kinda didn't like it.  I don't want him defining himself so soon in life. 

Look at how high off the ground he is.  I could never in a million years imagine doing something like this.  
Oh plus look at Henry, he has escaped.  He loves escaping.

Showing Henry the ropes. 

I love to sit on my front steps.  I do every evening.  The weather right now is amazing. 
Plus it needs to be noted that I am wearing a skirt that I have worn since I was pregnant with Oliver. 

Proof that I have been wearing this skirt for so long.  This is a picture of me jumping on the tramp when I was pregnant with Oliver in 2003.  I wasn't really jumping...I jumped for the picture.  This was my due date.  I was trying to get him to come out.  Such a horrible picture of me.  Hard to believe I was 23 in that picture.  This picture was taken with ACTUAL FILM...not digital.  Hahaa.  I think it is really funny. 

While we were outside Henry got out of the fence.  And was knocking on our neighbor's front door.  I sent Oliver over to get him.  Having older kids really rules.  I love how much Oliver helps me out.  Rob is a big help too.  It is so nice.  

I love Oliver's happy face in this picture.  Henry DID NOT want Oliver to bring him I sent over the big guns.  And by big guns I mean, not me. 

Henry was fighting as hard as he could to not get carried back to the house.  I had to include a million photos of his little break down.  They make me laugh so hard.  All week I kept looking at these on Cortney's camera and it would make me so happy.  What a little diva. 

Notice the cups in the background...they are like easter eggs.  I love Cortney's face because you can tell he is being so sweet and nice to Henry.  Saying soothing words.  Henry could care less.  I also love these pictures because it really shows how big HENRY is.  Where did my baby go??

I sure love this boy.

And this one too.

Rob and our neighbor Kempton riding off into the sunset together.

Rob doing some tricks.

It is so hard getting our kids in bed when it is so wonderful in the evenings.  It really is the best time to be sitting around outside.  

Tonight Cortney took our two older boys to the School roller skating night.  We have always all gone...but I think Henry would be a nightmare.  He is getting to old to sit in the stroller the whole night, yet not big enough to skate on his own.  He was so sad when they left.  Luckily it isn't something Barney can't solve.  He loves Barney.  It is his bedtime in 20 minutes...I start to countdown right at six.  I love 7 p.m. bedtimes.  :)

p.s.  My legs are sore from all the running around I had to do IN HIGH HEELS for the primary program...yikes...can I really be that out of shape?  I haven't worn heels really since I was called to be president.  We don't have a primary room so we meet in the gym with hard wood floors...I can't wear shoes that are too loud or uncomfy.  


Samantha said...

Ash i love it when you blog. I loved Henry escaping and I love all of your cups and plates outside. Because I think HALF of my missing cups and plates are outside right now. But I saw the most massive spider in our bushes today so I refuse to go retrieve them. I kind of think that Henry and Joslyn are very similar. She's a total diva too and does the same upset faces that henry does.

Samantha said...

p.s. I think that gray skirt was originally mine...? Who knows, we shared so much. And you look the same as you did when you were 23.

ashleyboice said...

Sam the skirt is totally yours. Haha...I didn't want to mention it in case you wanted it back. Haha

nicole boice said...

ty and i read this together totally laughing (we always do that with your blog- its our favorite). but i wanted to tell you that tyler was freaking out over how good oli's form is in the skateboarding pics. i thought oliver would like to know that. i think the skirt comments with you and your sister are real funny. and i love you and miss you.

Cali said...

Not only cups go missing at my house, where are all my spoons?? Henry is cute, I am glad you put his crying face on your blog.