Sunday, October 16, 2011

the party

I use the term "party" very loosely. Haha.

We had decided we would have a gabba gabba birthday but because we NEVER EVER plan anything in advance and because there isn't any gabba birthday stuff at any party store around it was more like a gabba watching party.  (longest sentence evah)

We had some of the babies favorites for dinner.  Pizza, Tator tots and grapes.  Henry ate more then he has in his whole life.  Whenever he sees Fiona eat it makes him eat too.  Grapes are a brand new thing he eats.  I couldn't be happier.

Just a funny picture of the both of the babies eating.

We played the game "wiggle wiggle wiggle stop, hold still" from Yo gabba.  The babies were so happy.  Plus the older kids thought it was pretty funny too. 

Gotta love Joe. 

Henry and Jack getting their hug on.

Next up a very jumbled version of duck duck goose.  The babies were still a little young for that game.

We also played ring around the rosies and an animal game where they have to pretend to be whatever animal I say.  You wouldn't think it would be fun, but our kids always love it.  I made it one day when Cali and I were trying to lay in bed with tons of little babies around.  (a long time ago)

Present time.
Presents from grandma. 

Henry loved all of his presents.

Nona too. 

Henry got this helicopter and the blades actually move.  Although his arms aren't quite long enough and they just him them in the face with every pass.  He still loves it. 

Cupcakes that we thought looked pretty close to Yo Gabba Gabba. 

A bad picture of them blowing out the candles.  They both knew how to was cute. 

Of course my picky eater didn't even taste his cupcake.  Crazy kid.  He doesn't even know what he is missing...but I figured I shouldn't make him taste it on his birthday. haha. 

If you weren't invited PLEASE, don't be offended.  No one was invited.  We just had all of the kids which is more people then should ever be there.  It was chaotic and loud.  But the babies loved it.  

Henry got:
A ball toy from Mom and Dad (me duh)
A helicopter from Grandma Connie and Grandpa Doug
A Jeep Safari Little people from Grandma Berta and Grandpa Bob
A Tool set from Grandma Jones
and a Mr Potato Head from our neighbor Sarah. 

It is crazy how many toys that is and we only gave him 1. 

Happy Birthday Hens and Noni. 

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