Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Robbie's big day.


First I want to say that I have been laid out flat on my back for a week. I can't believe how much Cortney has helped me. I am really thankful for him.

Rob's birthday was really important to him this year. Everyone that called or came by he just figured it was for him. Even at the grocery store he had to tell everyone we saw.

My Grandma Jones (aha) had sent him a package that he got the week before. He carried that box with him EVERYWHERE. It was covered in pizza and drawings by the time his birthday arrived. He was able to open it on his birthday before school...it was a bubble sword (pretty cool...and right up rob's alley)...I think it was his favorite thing just because it came in the mail for him. Thanks Grandma!!!

I picked up some spiderman cupcakes for school...and then we went to lunch at the school after his class was over.

Then we went to the store to pick out some cupcakes. He picked team Edward and team Jacob cupcakes and wouldn't budge on his choice. I told him it was Twilight and he said "who cares".

We had the cupcakes in the cart but then we saw this beauty...
This cake was 66% off because one of the cookie teeth was squished. It was 6 bucks. He loved it and was so excited...I love it when a plan comes together.

They put his name on top...for free...and although I know I could do a better job with the name writing Rob thought it was awesome.

I really didn't want to do a party but we were already going over to Cali's for survivor night so I just combined a party into that. Easy peasy....well it wasn't that easy especially since my neck was hurting so bad. But at least it was over with.

Del taco for dinner.


Rob loves LOVES glow sticks. We happened to have a billion left over from Halloween last year (thanks mom)...so we put them to use for the party.

The theme was sneaky NINJA's

Oliver jumping...

The kids minus Rob I have no idea where he was at this point.

This is what they actually looked like all night.

Rob picked the streamer color and the balloons...I tried to tell him ninja colors are red and black but he wasn't going for it.

Cali and I didn't blow up one balloon He and CC blew up ALL of the balloons. It was pretty crazy.

disclaimer I look horrible...but that is true life...what I look like when my neck is thrown out.

We started the ninja night out with a treasure hunt.

Ty reading the clue...

Rob finding a clue...this was tricky because he would get sad if he didn't find it...

The kids kept getting freaked out (the little ones) thus Rob holding Cortney's hand.

the loot was outside up the hill in the pitch black dark. I carried Gigi and held cc's hands. Gigi kept chanting to herself that she wasn't scared cause she's a ninja. Cute.

Rob is awesome because he LOVES presents and gives the BEST reactions ever. I gave him a bunch of stuff from the dollar section at target and he would freak out for every single thing.

dollar pens...

Poor Henry is sick right now...and trying to get the keyboard as I type.

Markers from Cali.

squeeze cheese he has been asking for this all year.

It was a great but exhausting night. By the end of it my neck was killing me and I was OUT OUT of it. But I am glad it is over and I sure love my little 5 year old.


From Gma and Gpa Earl in Spain a big bakugon...the kids couldn't believe it came all the way from spain (via my shopping cart and target) and were trying to see if it had Chinese writing on it because of course that is what they speak in spain.

From Cali...Smelly markers

From Gma Aha...bubble sword.

From mom and dad...Slinkys, Moon Dough, Some toy that you shoot discs in the air and catch them.


angie said...

Oh Ashley, you deserve a big pat on the back. good job on his birthday, and while you were feeling yucky too! it looked like a blast though, and Rob's face looked so happy. well worth it.

cort said...

That is a great post, I am glad you are so talented in doing stuff like that because if it were up to me......well we all know what it would look like. Great job baby!

::lindsay said...

Cool cake! It looks like it was a really fun birthday!!1

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Just the post I've been waiting for Thank you! Hope your neck is getting better!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

so funny. I love how excited he is about all of it. daishan

Cassidy said...

Bo and I were laughing at Rob's excitment over the cheese and pens. I love it when they are young and easy to please.

{natalie} said...

my favorite part is that he wanted easy cheese. hahahahaha.

rob is so cute. ethan just said, i like that rob, he's a cute boy. happy bday to the 5 year old.

bBchronicles said...

That CAKE totally ROCKS!!!!!!!! Wow amazing. WHAT A FUN BDAY and SO much for for those kids. That'll be a party that don't soon forget!!! Thanks for sharing. Sorry we SURE DROPPED the ball on this one - hope to make it up to him when you come in a few days.

I LOVE that first photo of him - so cute - getting so old.