Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know I have already posted about chubby's but yesterday I took Rob to the doctor. He is having his adenoids out on December 7th...so he was having his final appointment before the surgery. I told him I would take him to chubby's if he was good.

I had to get out a paper and write down what he was saying it was so funny...

Rob loves food.

He couldn't believe how good their fries were. We also split a Reuben and a side of baked beans. When I gave him a bite of the beans his eyes rolled back and he said in disbelief..."Everything here is so good...whoever Chubby is he is a genius!" Then he went on to say stuff like,

"this is so darn delicious"

"Maybe Heaven helped them cook it...Heavenly Father really did."

At the end he said he wanted to find Chubby and get his autograph. hahahaa. He was cracking me up the whole time.

On a totally different subject Oliver got two stitches on his forehead on Thursday night. He was wrestling around with his cousins and he fell back and his head hit the door knob. He didn't want me to see so he cleaned his head up with a bunch of toilet paper. Jack was pretty freaked so he told me. By that point it was pretty much done bleeding but you could see just a round deep hole in his head and it looked pretty deep. He and I headed to the instacare and we were there about 2 hours. He started out pretty scared but decided it wasn't bad at all later. Brave boy didn't move a muscle while he was getting stitched.

Thats all.


Earl Family said...

Rob is hilarious. He must have his mother's love of food ;P

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I need pictures.
Love Grandma Connie

bBchronicles said...

I'm SO glad you're writing all these "R.O.B.ISMS " down for him to read - he IS such a crackup!

SORRY OLI - you ARE SO BRAVE to sit so still and especially to clean up the 'mess' all by yourself! Hang in there - many more stitches to come!!!!!! (if he's anything like his dad!)

Supercords said...

You are making me excited for my birthday dinner at Chubby's all the more.