Monday, November 29, 2010

Pheeewww I took a long break.

My mom emailed me this morning that I needed to post. It is so hard for me to get back into blogging even if I take a week break. I don't know why that is. But this post is for you mom...I will load it with pictures and everything.

We just got back last night from Thanksgiving in Rexburg. We left Wednesday around 11 and it took forever to get there. The roads were horrible. We drove there and back in storms. Luckily Cortney is such a good driver and we were able to make it there safely. It is always nice to go "home" to Rexburg and especially fun this time because of all the snow. It was NEGATIVE 16 degrees when we pulled into town.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Shawn and Kandee's. They had everything looking so good...and the food was of course delicious.

The kids table...with paper to draw on.

My niece Morgan is pretty awesome. So grown up too...where have the years gone??
We are really lacking girls in the Boice family...I hope to rectify that on my next pregnancy.

Henners spent the night in his seat at the counter. He is one happy baby...even with a horrible cold.

The hostess with the mostess.

proof that I was there...and proof that I wasn't helping I guess. hahaa


What am I thankful for?? SLEEP.

Henry learned a new trick this week (he and Fiona both)...he can go down the stairs backwards. I didn't even teach him day he was just downstairs. hahaa.

Horrible picture of me but also what I love about Thanksgiving. Sitting around talking feeling warm and cozy. It was a great day.
(PLUS it was the ONLY time I even left the crazy is that??)


Cali said...

Looks awesome...missed your orange rolls Ash.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Thanks dear. Great job!
Love mom