Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Rexburg was covered in snow when we got there and the kids wanted to go right out and play in it. It was like -20 outside so Cortney showed Robbie a online picture of frostbite. BIG MISTAKE. He was trying to tell him why it was too cold to go out but it backfired because now he is scared of getting "snowbite". Today when I picked him up from school he was complaining that I didn't send him with gloves so he got snowbite on recess....and they are going to have to cut his finger off. I am sure he was totally bugging his teachers about it. Anyways, we finally let the boys out around noon. Grandpa and Grandma said they would pay the boys a dollar if they cleaned off the tramp. I have never seen the boys work so hard (WHICH isn't saying MUCH)...they were out there forever.

On Friday Cortney took the two boys down to his brother's racquet ball club (yeah his brother owns the racquet ball club in town) and they played down there for hours, Carter and Bodin were down there playing with them too. Henry and I just hung out with Whit, Morgan and Roberta and had a great indoor girls day.

Saturday he headed up to Ashton to visit Brian and their kids and go sledding and snow mobiling. We really wanted to head home and beat the storm but our kids threw a hissy fit and we knew we had to stay. Brian was so nice to get them rides for the whole day. The kids had a blast. Oliver said "I really wish we could be their neighbor".

Oliver and Max.
Oliver doing a flip of some sort.


Another flip.

Brian Robbie and Kelton...I love how happy Robbie looks in all of these.

Look at that little smile...doesn't that kill you? That is true happiness.

Oliver and Carson

Robbie and Kelton

Mmmmm I love those little lips.

A little while later Rob was sledding down the hill and Oliver was snowboarding and Oliver stopped in front of Rob and Rob crashed into Olivers snowboard with his face. Cortney was watching from up above and he just thought, "Rob's whole face is going to need stitches...I bet it is sliced all the way open"...LUCKILY robs face some how just grazed the snowboard and he just got a HUGE bloody nose and a bad scrape across his nose and mouth...more like a rug burn. It has scabbed up now. Cort said there was blood everywhere.
While they were gone I sat around and read. Then when they got back we watched the BYU Utah game recorded. I felt like someone PUNCHED me in the stomach. I had to go and sit in my room after it was over. Boooooo That is all I can say about it.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

The pictures ar great, but I'm not missing the snow.
Love Mom

bBchronicles said...

Ash!!!!! YOU FORGOT to tell EVERYONE about your trip coming up and how FUN AND RELAXING IT WAS!!!!!!! R.O.B.'s face (and Oli's) IS TRUE HAPPINESS! Ahhhh, being a kid again.

Christensen's said...

Those are some of the cutest pictures ever! I didn't know Henry was walking! Good job Hens!

Angelique said...

Life in the country.(Sigh) Being pulled on a sled is so much fun. I'm sort of craving it now for some reason.

Cindy said...

OH, just tell me about it! The game that is. Duff's family is all for the U and they have gotten really stinky mean about it the last few years. So I have to be very careful what I post on my blog about it. BUT we were so bummed about the loss. We felt exactly the same way: like we were punched in the stomach. We'll have to talk in person one day about it!