Thursday, November 04, 2010

fall festival

Me and Rob at the fall festival at school...

He has been doing way better lately in school (we have a rewards system going)...I have been waking him up earlier, making him a big hot breakfast...I don't think any of that is really working but I think he likes the way it feels when he gets smiley faces from his teacher. Oh plus I have been saying a ton of prayers...that helps too.

ohh and Cort and Hens at the festival too...A horrible picture that I took with Cortney's phone. Oliver was there too running around with his friends.

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bBchronicles said...

These are great photos - I ALWAYS LOVE seeing you all! I'm so glad R.O.B. is doing better - all the little 'personal things ALWAYS seem to help and he CAN feel the difference - including the teacher! He'll be fine - but these years are critical to set the 'tone' for the rest of his life. HANG IN THERE! Prayers on our end too!