Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today we all happened to match for church. How cute is that? I couldn't resist a couple of pictures (of course after church when we all look a little frazzled).

A couple weeks ago Henry was sick and I had been up all night with him. When our alarm went off at 7:20...I wasn't having it...there was no way I was going to church. Cortney got the kids ready and headed off alone...leaving me to watch baby Henry. When they came home hours later and I saw what Oliver was wearing...I promised myself that my boys would get church clothes...pronto. Oliver looked like a teenage skater kid...whose parents were making him go to church. I wasn't having that. So for the first time ever I went and bought my kids everything. Usually I just get a church shirt on clearance but I don't have good church pants or church shoes. Rob wore yellow crocs to church for a whole year. I have committed to be better. So yesterday I went into a store...bought the sale uniforms they had and I got the whole outfit. I was so excited.

Waking up this morning with clothes for my boys changed the way we get ready for church. Usually I am trying to pull some crazy outfit together. The only set back we had today was when Henry peed all over Cortney's tie shirt and pants. Ooops. Oh and Oliver was freaking out a little because he had to tuck his shirt in. He said it "isn't in fashion".

Oliver said...that picture is gross.
haha...I kinda agree. :)

As we were getting ready to go inside Rob said..."one more picture this time with mad smiles"...this is what he came up with. I think it is my favorite one too.

On a side note Robbie just shot Oliver with a blow dart gun. Like a real blow dart gun. Oliver told him he was going to have to go to Juvie. With a kid like Rob why do we even have a blow gun?? Rob has deadly accuracy. Yesterday he was shooting water balloons. I told Cortney that there was no way the kids were responsible for something like that...he didn't believe me. Turns out I was right in the end.

All day today I felt like I am going to have a daughter next. Am I crazy to get my hopes up??

I taught in church today...and despite my brain being super scattered from lack of sleep, I think it went well. I took a bowl of cornstarch and added water to show the girls how if you work on your testimony every day it stays solid...but the second you stop it turns liquid. It was REALLY messy but I think they got the idea. I told them "if I obey I'll be happy all day"...and I told them if they obey they will get whatever they want. The lesson was on Testimony through obedience. I was glad to teach today...that meant Cortney got Henry during his bad part of church. :)

Came home and took a long nap.

what a great sunday.

despite the blow gun incident.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Love the pictures. And the stories.
Love Grandma Connie

Sherry Ward said...

LOVED this post. I'm bummed that I missed your lesson. We drove home from Stanley today with a screaming baby-poor kid! I hope your next one is a girl too. Soooo bad do I hope that. Your pics are so dang cute.

angie said...

love the family pictures that door color!!

all awesome.

Christensen's said...

What about the part where you came to visit your awesome neighbors? :) You must be getting baby hungery. I hope you get a girl next.

cort said...

You are one cute girl!

AJ said...

Ashley you have a beautiful family! Miss you guys.