Saturday, July 24, 2010

bountiful baskets take two

I think one of the best parts of Bountiful Baskets is the surprise of what we are going to get. Even the boys are totally thrilled to see what is going to be in our basket. I think I love it.

Todays basket was better then last time I think. I weighed it when I got home and it weighed in at 40 lbs. The basket total cost with tax and everything is 16.50 so it comes out to 41 cents a pound. Pretty darn good. Today we had green cauliflower, 2 tomatoes, a pineapple, 6 peaches, 7 ears of corn, a 5 lb bag of beautiful potatoes, 2 heads of romaine lettuce, red grapes, bananas, 10 plums, and 2 huge cucumbers.

I am sure 99% percent of the people that read this could care less about this (that one percent is you shane) but I am fascinated by stuff like this.

Last night the boys slept outside at Cali's house in a tent with no adults. It was their first real sleep out. They loved it. We watched a movie over there and then when we left at midnight we took Rob home with us. He was the only person asleep out there and they had been trying to wake him screaming in his ears, walking on him...and stuff like that. Needless to say at the time he was ready to go home...but by this morning he was pretty ticked off, that we brought him home.

When we were getting the tent ready it was so nostalgic for me. The smell the feel of the air reminded me so much of the summer nights we used to spend on the tramp or in a tent. I loved my childhood.

As if I didn't have enough trampoline pictures here are a couple more. We really do spend a lot of evenings outside...

the boys flipping over each other. Looks scary huh?

This next picture has got to be one of my favorite pictures OF ALL TIME. Seriously it is hilarious.
I love Rob's PERFECT karate form in this picture, the pointed toe, the elbow tucked to the side. It totally depicts what it is like around here ALL THE TIME.


When Rob is mad steer clear. Jack said last night that when Rob's cheeks get red you have to GET OUT OF HIS WAY. It is true...this little boy has a temper. He looks like this at least 1/2 of his day.

In this picture Oliver is actually laugh/crying because Rob kicked him in the stomach.

Oliver mastered the backflip this summer. He is so good at everything he tries it amazes me.

Picnik collage


tiff said...

Some of my neighbor's get bountiful baskets and love them. I think Im going to try it out.

Melissa B. said...

All of my friends LOVE Bountiful baskets. It's on my too do list. Are you kidding me! I can't believe Oli can do a back flip. Holy Cow!

bBchronicles said...

Those baskets are the BOMB! Yummmmmmm. Those little boys are looking yummmmmmmmm as well! Great photos - there must be a skilled photographer in your family!!!
Luv, MomBerta

angie said...

I love the idea of those baskets...sounds delicious!!

i don't think I am meant to have boys, cause those trampoline pictures about give me a panic attack. I'll stick to girls and dolls.

Supercords said...

I'm proud to be the 1%, and I agree, this basket is better. I calculate the value at about $25.

I was saddened to discover that I have to go pick the basket up at the butt crack of dawn. I was hoping they delivered them to your door. I love produce and all, but I'm not rolling out of bed before 7:00 AM for fruit.