Monday, July 12, 2010

I don't know where to even start...

so I guess I will just start where I left off. Joslyn Miller was born hmmm like June 26th I think it was...I was so happy that she made it here safe and sound...although it was pretty scary for the first little bit.

Me and all the boys (including Cortney) left Wednesday night for Rexburg. We were supposed to be going in our car but earlier that day Cortney was driving to Cabela's (of course) on his lunch break and the car broke down...indefinitely. The transmission is out so our car is done-zo. We have had that car 10 years. I have been driving for a total of 13 years and 10 were spent driving that car. I don't know how to drive anything else. I have been really sad about it.

The lucky part was I had planed for months now to drive to Moses Lake to see my best girlfriends, the week that Cortney got hit by a car. I obviously didn't go because he was hurt. Boy oh boy am I glad I didn't would have been so stressful/scary breaking down with my three babies in the middle of nowhere all by myself. Thank heaven in broke down close to home.

So anyways...we made it to Rexburg around 11. I was so happy to be "home" and so glad to see all of my Boices. Tyler and Nicole had come up for the weekend (from REno), along with Cameron and Leah (from SLC), and Whitney and Bodin(from pocatello).

We got there so late but I was so giddy to see Tyler and Nicole that we stayed up laughing and talking until LATE (oh and I had been up at 4:30 that morning to see Eclipse so I was WRECKED). I love them.

Anyways the next morning I got ready and flew out of the Idaho Falls airport. The tickets to LA were like 50 dollars each way. Cheap. It worked out perfect because I was able to go see Sam....and Cortney had plenty of help with the boys.

I got to the LA airport and called my mom and aunt Vicki, they were on their way to pick me up but stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I just sat and read and relaxed. It is amazing how wonderful just being alone relaxing it is, when you are NEVER alone. I waited about an hour and then when I saw them I was so EXCITED, it was wonderful to see both of had been forever. I can't even say how awesome it was to see my mom...their mission is going by so slow.

We headed back to Sam's house and this time drove along the ocean the whole way...with the windows open. It was beautiful. Of course I took my camera out to take a picture and the battery was dead. Oh well.

Sam's house was so cute and just as I expected. I loved just being able to help her. To play with her kids and feed them lunch and take them to the store. Usually when we are together there are so many kids I can't even get to know them. It was great to be kidless.

I had a wonderful but short visit. Cali flew in on Saturday 12 hours before I flew out. We did however manage to sneak in another showing of Eclipse.
You'd think we were obsessed or something...I think I wore the exact same outfit to both showings...which isn't hard considering all I wear is white t-shirts.

Here she is cute.

Henry is freaking out so my update will continue later.

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Samantha said...

I LOVE the white tshirts you got me. I wear a new one literally every day. It was so much fun to have you here. And funny and nice to see you with my kids. It's true. When we each have kids it's hard to spend time with someone elses. Come back soon. I'll even promise better weather.